Escortservice consultancy service

Escortservice consultancy service

Consultancy and guest lecturer about high class escort

It might come as a surprise to you, but we receive almost daily requests for advise on how to set up a high class escortservice and invitations for a lecture at the local business club, event or educational institution. We therefore thought it would be wise to give it some attention at our blog, explaining our position towards such requests.

First of all, let us say we are flattered by the requests, as they indicate you see our high class escortservice as an example within this industry. But unfortunately our busy schedule does not allow for us to take on all requests. We will get into the most common requests and the options.

You need advice because you want to found your own high class escortservice

From personal experience, we can tell you running a high class escortservice can be both great fun as well as hard work. There are certainly challenges to overcome when you want to start your own high class escortservice. The most common challenges and how to overcome them are discussed in the book Escort Bijbel. However, it's very well possible you are not able to manage the difficulties by yourself and need some guidance. Or perhaps you are looking to partner up with a more experienced high class escortservice. We always welcome some competition, it keeps us sharp and forces us to bring our A-game. We even maintain a friendly yet professional relationship with most of our established competitors. Together, we stand stronger in the fight against fakers. But to use our valuable time to help you get things started is pushing it. We welcome consultancy assignments, but can only free time for this at daily rates starting at € 1200 excl. 21% VAT.

You are looking for a guest lecturer to tell you more about high class escort

Our high class escorts and gigolos are not available to lecture at your business cub, event or educational institution. However, the founder and owner of our high class escortservice is. Marike has extensive experience with providing lectures at both commercial and non-profit (educational) institutions. A lecture is available in either Dutch or English. Topics which can be discussed are what it is like to be an entrepreneur in such a special industry, high class escort in general, advantages and disadvantages of high class escort, not every day entrepreneurship, prejudices and other challenges and how to overcome them, and so on. The style can be anything from light and entertaining to more serious and educational. The average lecture quote includes a lecture of up to two hours, up to two hours of total travel time and an hour of preparation. Rates for commercial requests start at € 800 excl. 21% VAT. A discounted rate is available for non-profit requests, such as educational institutions.