Statistics of escort bookings

Statistics of escort bookings

Statistics about our high class escortservice

For our book Escort Bijbel, which was published in 2014, we calculated some statistics about our escorts, clients and bookings. Now, 3 years later it's time to review if these statistics are still accurate. We have accumulated data from all bookings with our high class escorts in 2017 and have some interesting statistics for you. We will discuss them in three separate blogs, and in this third and final blog present the statistics about our bookings.

About the bookings at our high class escortservice...

The majority of our clients is male (88%). They usually book one escort (92%), but occasionally (8%) invite two or more ladies for a bisexual threesome. Many of our clients are couples (9%) who book an escort together, usually a bisexual lady (82%) but occasionally also a heterosexual gentleman (18%). A small part of our clients is female (3%). They are usually looking for a lesbian experience (71%), or book a male escort or gigolo (29%). The latter can be explained by the fact we have only recently started to offer male escorts and gigolos.

Three quarters of our clients books 3 to 10 times a year and spends an average of euro 1475 including 21% VAT per booking. The rate spend per booking has increased compared to 2014, when this was euro 1370 on average. It only makes sense, the percentage of booking of 5 hours or shorter has decreased to 44%, compared to 59% in 2014. Most bookings in 2017 where on a Saturday, Friday, Thursday and Tuesday. The least amount of bookings where on a Sunday, Wednesday and Monday. Monday is the least popular day, Saturday the most popular day, the same as in 2014. However; in 2017 there where more bookings on a Tuesday than on a Wednesday, which is different from 2014.

When a booking takes placed and when it is made is not the same. Most bookings are made on Thursday, and the least amount on Sunday. But there is no significant difference between the other days of the week. Our current opening hours are from ten in the morning until midnight. Approximately 30% of the booking requests we receive reach us in the morning, 28% in the afternoon, 38% in the early evening and only 4% of all booking requests reach us in the late evening. Our high class escorts are not fulltime escorts, but do this next to their studies or other "regular" job. Therefore, advance bookings are appreciated but often also necessary to assure the availability of a certain high class escort. Almost 9% of our bookings is what we call "last minute", meaning the booking starts as soon as possible, usually within 1 to 2 hours. Around 12% of our bookings are made with more notice, but are still for the same day, and 10% for the next day. It is more common to book a few days in advance (17%) up to a week in advance (16%). The remaining 36% of all bookings are made more than a week in advance. We accept bookings up to 3 months in advance. Now concider this; Only 2% of our bookings was placed in the late evening and for a last minute booking request. It may therefore come as no surprise we are seriously considering changing our opening hours to closing at ten in the evening in stead of midnight.

Bookings with our high class escorts can take place at a luxury (4 or more star) hotel (70%) or at the private residence of a client (30%). Most bookings at a private residence are with repeat clients of Dutch nationality. The majority of our bookings take place in The Netherlands or near the Dutch border (94%), meaning 6% of our bookings are international bookings. This too has to do with the fact that all of our high class escorts are only parttime escorts. This limits their freedom to travel for bookings. Half of the bookings in The Netherlands take place in Amsterdam and surroundings, such as Schiphol Airport. From the remaining bookings, most take place in Rotterdam, followed by The Hague, Utrecht and Eindhoven. The remaining of our bookings take place in smaller Dutch villages and towns.

But there are also bookings that are placed that never take place. Sometimes, the schedule of a client can change and things come up, making the booking impossible to keep. A little over 10% of the bookings placed and confirmed are cancelled by clients, almost all (91%) well in advance. The remaining 9% of cancellations are made very last minute, when the escort is already preparing for the booking and/or on the way to it. These cancellations are subject to a cancellationfee. There are also bookings that are made, that do not take place and are not cancelled. We call "clients" of such bookings Fakers. A person who places a booking without no intention of showing up, or paying for the booking. Usually, we notice something is fishy when we are processing the booking, and it is therefore declined. But almost 1% of the bookings we accept turn out to be fake. Usually we find out before the escort is on the way to the booking. But every now and then there's a faker who manages to get the escort to a certain location. This is a degrading and offensive experience for the escort. To this day, we really do not understand the fun of it. Neither do we understand why someone would risk legal consequences for a few minutes of amusement. But that's a discussion for an other time.