Booking option on an escort

Booking option on an escort

Take an option on an escort for a booking

Taking an option on a hotelsuite or flight is common practice. But how about taking a booking option for a high class escort? Let's say you have a free evening or business trip coming up and would like to invite your favorite escort to join you. However, your schedule isn't 100% sure yet or you don't exactly know the time or location yet but you don't want to take your chances of the escort no longer being available by the time these are fixed. After all, as long as your booking is not confirmed, the escort is free to change her availability as she pleases.

Booking and then canceling is not very respectful towards the time of the escort and can lead to cancellation fees or even exclusion from our agency if done too often. So that's not an option.

How does an option on a high class escort work?

When you take a booking option on an escort, we will secure the availability of the escort for a specific date, time and duration. This availability will be secured for the next 72 hours or 3 days, unless otherwise agreed. She can not be booked by others and she will reserve her time for you. The rate for a booking option is €250, which will be deducted from your booking rate if the booking option is confirmed to a booking. However, if the option is cancelled, your funds will be lost. If the date of the booking option is changed, your funds will also be lost as this will be considered a new booking option. Uw optie op de escort is pas geldig vanaf het moment dat uw aanbetaling bij ons arriveert.

In the unfortunate case the escort can not keep her availability due to an unexpected event that desperately requires her presence, she has fallen ill, or something of similar nature, the payment for your booking option will be returned.

When is it smart to take a booking option on an escort?

Taking a booking option is a wise thing to do if you are very particular about your likes and dislikes. You only fancy a few of our high class escorts, or even just one escort in particular. This is when taking a booking option would be smart. However, if you are very flexible and do not mind booking an alternative escort if something were to change to the schedule of your preferred escort, it makes no sense to take a booking option. An option is also recommended for international bookings or with escorts who have very limited availability, as these availabilities tend to change more often.