Enjoy your high class escort for longer

Enjoy your high class escort for longer

The new year starts with a naughty blog at our escort service

How nice that you are reading our first blog of the new year! We would therefore like to immediately take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year. Hopefully 2021 will be a year of fun, pleasure and happiness, in good health. Speaking of pleasure… we would like to start the new year with a light but sexy blog about how you can enjoy your high class escort even more.

Imagine you have an exciting date with a dazzling high class escort from Society Service, but during intercourse you are so excited that you will reach your peak in no time. Although you want to explode with pleasure, you of course hope to postpone this moment as long as possible. How often do you share the bed with such a beautiful lady? Fortunately, there are several tips & tricks that will teach you how to delay your orgasm so that you can enjoy your booking with the high class escort from Society Service for as long as possible.

Tip 1: Point of no return

Would you like to know how to delay your orgasm longer? Then learn to recognize your point of no return. Once you know how to properly estimate this moment, it is easier to intervene as soon as you think you are close to orgasm. Masturbation is a good aid in this. How? Look for the point of no return while masturbating and try to remember what this feels like. Go further and further, and then push the boundaries, without ejaculating. Thus, your body gradually begins to understand that sex does not always have to lead to an orgasm immediately.

Tip 2: Determine the correct position

Those who want to have sex for a bit longer are wise to avoid stimulation of the glans. After all, this is the place where most stimuli are generated. Adopting a different position can reduce these stimuli. For example, let the Society Service high class escort sit on top of you. This way you cannot go too fast, with the result that you can enjoy sex longer.

Tip 3: Using sex toys

Using a sex toy can keep you from reaching a climax too quickly. Sex toys also ensure that your high class escort enjoys herself more in the bedroom. We already wrote about this topic in one of our previous blogs. Here we compiled a list of sex toys that are popular with our ladies. When you read the blog you don't just learn which toys makes your sex more pleasant in the future. This way you also know which sex toys you can use to pamper your escort if you want to surprise them with an exciting gift!


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