Amsterdam escort duo with Scarlett

Amsterdam escort duo with Scarlett

Bisexual duo booking at our high class escortservice in Amsterdam

Our bisexual high class escort ladies are regularly booked for a bisexual duobooking. At our escortservice, a bisexual duobooking means that two escorts pay attention to their client during the booking, but also to each other. Nothing is played or acted, the escort ladies are really bisexual and enjoy eroticism with both men and women. It provides a very exciting time for everyone and that is why many of our high class escorts find it very nice to be booked for a bisexual duo bookings.

Although our escorts are easygoing and therefore can have a good time with almost every other escort, occasionally a match stands out. In this case it a match between high class escort Scarlett from Amsterdam and high class escort Chloe from Amsterdam. Both ladies have similarities in terms of appearance; tall, slim and blond. But in addition, both ladies are also very friendly, intelligent and elegant. The ladies like to tell a bit more about their experiences together.

High class escort Scarlett from Amsterdam

"Every girl has her desires, and while many have already been fulfilled during exciting dates, there is always more to long for. A few weeks ago, one of these remaining desires came true. I received a request from a nice gentleman, who wanted me to choose another lady for a duo date. I was in ecstasy and immediately I knew who to invite. It was Chloe. She’s smart, funny and just a gorgeous appearance and I knew we would have a great time with the three of us.

First, we went out for dinner at a lovely French restaurant in Amsterdam where we slowly built up the tension by flirting with each other. Once we came back to the hotel room, we turned on a sensual music and Chloe walked up to me and started kissing me. I loved how we were watched by our gentleman while enjoying touching and kissing each other. We slowly started to undress each other and I couldn’t get my eyes off of Chloe her amazing body in this luxurious lingerie she was wearing. We then took a bath all together and this was simply beyond expectations. With the bath foam on our bodies, our hands all over each other and softly and slowly kissing each other made it incredibly exciting. The chemistry between us was simply amazing and this made the night unforgettable. I hope we will soon do it over again in the future."

High class escort Chloe from Amsterdam

"There are things in your life that you would like to experience again. If there is something I would like, it is to spend another evening with Scarlett. Honoured that the attraction is mutual, I was invited on a duodate. An exciting tension builds up during dinner. We have great conversations, laugh and enjoy each other's company intensely. Scarlett is an open-minded, intelligent and beautiful woman. Secretly I can not wait to bring the three of us to a further climax this evening. As soon as we enter the hotel room I approach Scarlett and start kissing her, soft and sensual. During the rest of the evening we take our time and enjoy every touch. I would like to tell you what happened that night, but I crave more of these kind of nights - so I'd rather have you experience it. Do you dare to play with us?"