What is the difference between high class and high end?

What is the difference between high class and high end?

What is the difference between high-end and high-class?

Nowadays we see the term high-end appearing more and more in magazines, newspapers and on the internet. If you enter a random word on Google and put high-end in front of it, there’s a good chance of a fertile search result. High-end audio, high-end fashion and high-end car, just to name a few examples. If something is exclusive, such as a beautiful, smart and sexy escort, one seems to opt more often for high-end where previously only high-class was used. With that possible trend shift approaching, we wondered: is high end the new high class, or does it just seem that way?


According to the Cambridge dictionary, High-class and High-end are both an adjective and mean respectively: "of very good quality or of a high social order" and "intended for people who want products of very good quality and who don't mind how much they cost '. We have used the etymological dictionary.

Online Etymology Dictionary says that High-Class is an adjective that dates back to 1864 and is divided into two words. The adjective High and the noun Class.


The adjective High has its origins in Old English and is derived from the Proto-Germanic "hauha". The word has several meanings, such as: from a great height, long and striking, exalted and first-class. Around the year 1200 High would have been mentioned for the first time about. This happened in a special way; as soon as a prince was inundated with compliments, he was called high and mighty. Around the same vintage there was also talk of high, when people talked about pride or if something meant arrogant and haughty. In the year 1620 the word already had a different meaning. Then people talked about high if something was "euphoric" or someone was "excited about alcohol or sex."


The noun Class comes from: "high quality" (1874) and means "a division of society according to status" (with above, below, etc.) (1763). Around the year 1600 a group of students who were in a school of the same rank was called Class. This name is derived from the French classe (14c.), Which in turn has its origins in Latin: classis. In other words: "a class, a division, army, fleet."


Just like high, end is an old English word and stands for: end, conclusion, border, district, type and class. The word comes from the Proto-Germanic "andiaz". In 1929 people also spoke about The End when they talked about "the last straw" or "the limit." Thus, the origin of High-end can be interpreted in two ways: as "extreme limit" and "first-class."

"High end" as a search result

According to the renowned American dictionary Meriam Webster, High-end is first mentioned in the year 1956 and it means as much as: “of superior quality or refinement and usually high in price.” If you search on Google, you will find many combinations with High-end. Below is a list of word combinations that produced the most search results.

High-end Crush

A word that produces particularly many combinations with the term high-end is crush. That is not surprising. High-end crush is a popular South Korean Chinese web series. The story is about a very wealthy man who falls in love with a woman for the first time in his life. As you can see from the title, the woman has a completely different social background, which soon puts the relationships between the brand new lovebirds on edge.

High-end Audio

One of the most common words that Google shows in combination with High-end is audio. Unlike most high-end combinations, high-end audio, is a real understanding. According to Wikipedia, high-end audio is class audio equipment which is intended for home entertainment. The product is mainly purchased by audiophiles and is selected based on high price or quality and esoteric or new sound reproduction technologies. The term High-end audio can simply refer to the price, the build quality of the components or to the subjective or objective quality of sound reproduction.

High-end Fashion

Most fashion websites that advertise with high-end flaunting expensive, modern and the most influential fashion brands. You should think of Dolce and Gabbana, Gucci and Prada. These high-quality brands are classified on the basis of certain functions, styles and fabrics and, in contrast to ready-made clothing, are custom-made and made to order.

High-end Auto

A handful of websites of this word combination can be found that mainly write about high-end cars, whereby the link is made with the most expensive and exclusive cars of the moment.

High-end Forum

If you search on a high-end forum, you end up in forums where the topics are about high-end audio, as mentioned earlier, the word that high-end has the most links with. Also on the forum it’s not entirely clear to users what high-end really is. One of the members asks the question: “We are currently on the High-End forum, but what exactly is High-End? For me it remains the sets that I cannot afford, but if that is true for others, my set might well be High-end. "

High end Boutique

The search: high-end boutique takes the visitor to a variety of websites that publish content aimed at high-end design. That means: expensive and exclusive designs for both clothing and furniture.

High-end Jewelry

Many search results do not produce high-end jewelry. In particular, there is a well-known brand that tries to draw attention to itself with high-end jewelry. We are talking about: Bulgari, the Italian brand of luxury goods such as jewelry, watches and other accessories.

High end Nanny

And then there is also the high-end nanny service! For a fee of € 22.50 per hour there is a nanny available 24/7. This girl can look after the children in one of the luxury hotels in Amsterdam. The nannies speak their languages such as English, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew. And if that's not all, they also bring a miracle suitcase full of educational toys to entertain the children!

High class or high end, what do you think?High end Escort

Just like fashion, audio and cars can be high-end, there are of course also high-end escorts. The most elegant, smartest and most exclusive escorts have acquired a specific name over the years, namely high-class escorts. Although most of all high-class escort services call their escorts high-class, a number of websites also mention high-end escorts. When asked whether there is a trend shift going on, we can only say that at Society Service it is primarily about giving our clients an unforgettable experience. We do this by providing the very best service and of course, offering the most elegant, smartest and most exclusive escorts that will give our clients the time of their lives. Whether this is called high-end or high-class, that is less relevant for us.