Contact with escorts

Contact with the escorts outside the bookings

No, contact outside bookings with our escorts is not possible. Our high class escorts choose to be represented by us because they have no desire to arrange their own bookings. It is part of the "no strings attached" aspect of bookings that you too enjoy. Please respect our boundaries and rules.

Can I talk to the high class escort before the booking?

No. We make great efforts to place all necessary information about both her looks and character in her online portfolio. Our escorts choose to be represented by Society Service because they have no time or desire to arrange their own bookings. We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have about our escorts.

Can I meet the escort for a cup of coffee first?

No. If you want to make sure you're a match for a longer travel arrangement, we recommend you book a shorter Dinner Date or private booking first.

Can I have the phonenumber/email of the escort?

No! It is extremely rude and discrespectful to both us and the escort to ask for her private details, or offer yours. Our escorts know that when a client asks them for their private number/email he is doing so because he wants more contact, for less money. We have explained it to our escorts... as well as the concequences. You are suggesting your escort she is not worth the fee she is requesting, and you are disrespecting the rules of her agency. You are encouraging her to steal. You will put her in an uncomfortable position. In all, not a very gentlemanly thing to do. We make enourmous efforts to offer you the portfolio of escorts that we do. Please respect our rules and those of the escort and don't offer her your contact details or request hers. Both you and the escort will be excluded from our agency, not if... but WHEN we find out.