Cocktail night with your high class escort

Cocktail night with your high class escort

Visit the best cocktailbars of the Netherlands with your high class escort

Ask the high class escorts of Society Service what they prefer to drink and in many cases they will answer: cocktails! These favorite drinks are often the personification of the high class escorts themselves. Just like our escorts, the colorful drink combinations are exotic, classy and above all sexy. Where they serve the best cocktails in the Netherlands? In our opinion, the following 5 cocktail bars are all known for great cocktails, atmosphere, style and last but not least: sexyness.

Pigs & Punch in Amsterdam

Do you have a date with a high class escort in the center of Amsterdam? This cocktail bar in the Utrechtsestraat is certainly a feast for the eyes. The interior is outspoken and the atmosphere is above all intimate and sexy. So there is no better place to stoke the fire between you and the escort. The flashing fire in the back of the store sets a good example. Besides delicious cocktails that are prepared behind the colorful bar, you can also enjoy fantastic food.

Mr. Mofonge in Groningen

Although you would expect that the most talked-about cocktail bars are located in the west of our country, Mr. Mofongo one that you simply cannot ignore. The bar is located in Groningen and is way ahead of its time. mr. Mofongo is also called a next level cocktail bar. This is thanks to the robot arm, which itself taps liqueurs and gins from the bottles in the meter-high back bar, the house distillery where gin, jenever and whiskey are distilled, and the imported rums and ryes that are matured in their own barrels. . Incidentally, the less experienced cocktail drinker will also get his money's worth here. There are accessible yet delicious cocktails on the menu, which are prepared by the exceptionally talented bartenders.

Blue Bar in Nijmegen

Do you have an appointment with a high class escort from Society Service near the city of Nijmegen? Then Blue Bar is absolutely the place to be. It's a fantastic cocktail bar and the only one of the highest quality for miles around. The cocktail bar located in Hotel Blue is one of the best bars in our country and is known for its fantastic wines, Champagne and of course: its cocktails. Don't let the menu guide you too much, but tell the bartender what flavors you like and he will prepare a cocktail you will never forget. Just like the unforgettable night that results from this.

YOLO in Rotterdam

The cocktail bar, located on the inner harbor of Rotterdam, is also a great location during the summer. Yolo has a beautiful terrace on the water, overlooking the marina. It's not bad inside either. The interior is stylish and also very comfortable. So you can sit side by side on the couch, cozy, enjoying cocktails and all the other delicacies that come along.

Bar Oldenhof in Amsterdam

Oldenhof is a unique old fashioned, high-end bar in the heart of Amsterdam. This little piece of heaven on earth acts as a shelter from today's fast-paced, dynamic society: Once inside you'll be overwhelmed by the prestige, yet cozy and easy going layout. Dimly lit with comfy armchairs, dressed in velvet and wood, and combined with the imagery of a time that would suit Ernest Hemingway and Humphrey Bogart best. All wrapped up as a tiny, seat-only jazz club in which you're graciously being served. After all, they enforce their commitment to quality over quantity, just like we do at our high class escortservice.


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