Enjoy a cocktail in Amsterdam with your escort

Enjoy a cocktail in Amsterdam with your escort

Visit a cocktail bar with your high class escort in Amsterdam

If you ask the high class escorts from Society Service what according to them is the perfect place in Amsterdam to enjoy an unforgettable evening, many of them would answer: a cocktail bar! Why? In most cases cocktail bars are classy, nice locations where they serve delicious exotic drinks and furthermore the perfect place where you and the stunning escort can get to know each other in a very relaxed way. Since not all cocktail bars are of the same quality, we made a selection for you. In case you have booked a beautiful escort from Society Service, the only thing you want is the best of the best, don’t you?

Door 74

Would you like to evade from your busy life and do you like to step into a whole different universe with a stunning escort from Society Service, instead? In that case Door 74 is absolutely the place to be! On entry they’ll ask you for your coat, after which you and your escort can take a seat at the classy bar, where the stylish bartender serve you the whole evening delicious cocktails. In this cocktail bar, the guest are received with full honours, just the way it should be!

Pulitzer’s bar

In the classy building at the Keizersgracht, there is this stylish and hospitable cocktail bar: Pulitzer’s bar. On entry, it’s like you step into the world of The Great Gatsby from the famous American Author F. Scott Fitzgerald. This cocktail bar is the perfect retreat to enjoy the comfortable seats, iconic drinks, and of course, each other!

House Bar

Are you looking for an unforgettable evening? Why don’t you invite the high class escort from Society Service to visit House Bar at the Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal? In this bar you’ll get everything you need. The interior has many monumental elements that sets a cozy atmosphere, the skilled bartenders serve outstanding cocktails, and if you take a good look at what’s sitting next to you, you’ll come to the conclusion: I got it all sewed up!

Pigs & Punch

This beautiful cocktail bar, located in the Utrechtsestraat in Amsterdam, is the perfect place to visit with the high class escort from Society Service. We’ll tell you why: the interior of Pigs & Punch is full of character, they serve delicious and fantastic cocktails and most off all the ambiance is intimate and sexy. No better place to get the fire burning and get hot and steamy. The fireplace in the back of the place, sets a good example for that.

Bar Oldenhof

Bar Oldenhof is a unique old fashioned, high-end bar in the heart of Amsterdam, offering you a great place to experience a vast selection of single malt whiskies, cocktails, wines, enticing bar food and more. This little piece of heaven on earth acts as a shelter from today's fast-paced, dynamic society. The decoration is prestigious yet cozy, complete with comfy armchairs and dimmed lights for you and the high class escort to relax in.


Each metropolis has a unique spot to discover the city from great height. Amsterdam has the SkyLounge Amsterdam, an award winning roof-top lounge bar overlooking this unique metropolis. Enjoy some refined cocktails, sophisticated snacks, sultry house music, a gorgeous view and trendy atmosphere together with your high class escort.