4. Cheating

Common male sexual fantasies

Many researchers have tried to offer an insights into the most common male sexual fantasies. For a special Blog-Series we have compiled the 10 most common male fantasies that can be turned into reality at our high class escortservice. Read a little bit more about fantasy 4: Cheating.

What is cheating?

Cheating, or adultery is extramarital sex that is considered objectionable on social, religious, moral or legal grounds. Though what sexual activities constitute adultery varies, as well as the social, religious and legal consequences, the concept exists in many cultures. In some relations, both parties agree ahead of time to accept sexual relations by either partner with others. This is sometimes referred to as an open marriage or the swinging lifestyle. Polyamory, meaning the practice, desire, or acceptance of intimate relationships that are not exclusive with respect to other sexual or intimate relationships, with knowledge and consent of everyone involved, sometimes involves such marriages. Swinging and open marriages are both a form of non-monogamy, and the spouses would not view the sexual relations as objectionable.

What is this fantasy about?

Although cheating fantasies are somewhat more common for men than for women, it would appear that having at least occasional cheating fantasies is a normative behaviour for both sexes. Also, if anything, these fantasies many only increase in frequency the longer a relationship goes on. When a man is fantasising about having sex with somebody else behind his partner’s back, it can indicate that he is missing something in his sex life. It could also indicate an obsession with a woman (or man), who is out of reach and who he quietly but passionately admires. The idea of a different sexual partner can be a huge turn on, because the idea of being naughty and breaking the rules can be arousing. A particular twist on this fantasy is cuckolding, when a man enjoys watching his female partner with an other man.

What’s possible with a high class escort?

Obviously, this is a commonly acted out fantasy at our high class escortservice. The obvious being, the majority of our married clients do not share using our services with their partner, for different reasons, one being to act out on this fantasy of cheating. An other way to “cheat” at our high class escortservice is to book a different high class escort, than the escort you usually book. Believe it or not, to clients who usually book the same lady, this might feel like cheating and therefore extra naughty. To men wishing to act on a cuckold fantasy, it is possible to book one of our gigolo’s and watch him pleasure your wife.

Rates for this fantasy at our high class escortservice

This fantasy is part of our Girlfriend Experience. Rates are as listed in the profile of every escort and start at € 700 for 2 hours.