Charlie's Angels Escortservice

Charlie's Angels Escortservice

At our high class escortservice in the Netherlands we have our very own Charlie's Angels

There have already been several remakes of the movie and series 'Charlie's Angels'. With reason; the three lethally sexy ladies with different looks and personalities certainly speak to the imagination. At our high class escortservice, we have different types of escorts available, who may resemble one or several of the Charlie's Angels as well. How better to tell more about this than our high class escort Charlie from Utrecht?

High class escort Charlie is a very special young lady. Those who've had the privilege of meeting her will agree on that. Charlie thoroughly enjoys her experiences as a high class escort and that shows during the time you spend with her. Her authenticity, warmth and flirty personality are highly addictive and her high sex drive is energizing. We asked her what her favorite part about working as a high class escort and without thinking twice she answered "the variety amongst clients and the things we share together is one big sexy adventure". Charlie gladly shares what makes her your special Charlie's Angel.

Dutch high class escort Charlie can be any type of Angel you want...

"Everyone has heard about Charlie's Angels. And I bet you have fantasized about at least one of them, or maybe all of them. Luckily for you... I am all of these personalities combined in one mystical package. My name is hardly a coincidence.

Sometimes I can be "innocent" and charming like Charlie's Angel Dylan. In the movies, she is the most affectionate. This side of her particularly shows when she tells the bad guy Eric Knox "If you hadn't tried to kill all the people I love, we still had a chance" right before he tapes her mouth. You ignite my fire with romance and passion. On days like these I love to dress up sensual and elegant. A look that deserves a romantic setting and flowers. I can feel a little shy in the beginning, that is why you will have to take the lead. Let me float in the warmth and intimacy that you have to give. Tell me about yourself while we share a bottle of wine. And then, while we get to know each other, I want you to look into my eyes, place your hand around my neck, pull me closer and kiss me deeply. Take your time, caress my neck, kiss my shoulders and let your hands slowly travel down… You are in charge now, take good care of me.

However, most of the time I feel quirky and adventurous like Charlie's Angel Natalie. My joyful and sunny personality will definitely turn you on. Nonetheless, I do have a passion for fast rides, on land or wet and slippery on water. Take me sailing, road racing, traveling the globe, helicopter piloting, to the motocross or an other exciting activity. As Natalie would say: "Bring it on, b*tch!"  But you know what we can also do is take our adventure to the seventh heaven and explore captivating places to tease and please each other. We might end up experiencing a phenomenal erotic party or invite one of my gorgeous fellow Society Angels. Let's see where we end up together. Let’s get wild. I dare you to invite me.

And last, but definitely not least, I have this mood where I feel confident, mysterious, and dangerous. Just like Charlie's Angel Alex. She is the Angel of mý fantasies... Black, leather or red is what I will be wearing for you on these days. I will seduce you with dominance and an air of innocence. I know what I want, so you better be prepared. Show me your wildest desires. Because I will make them come true. Don't be shy, you can take the lead and show me who is in charge... Or let me take the lead… Either way, I promise you it will be a night to never forget.

I wonder... what kind of mind-blowing experience will we be sharing?"


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