Bucket Boys date our high end escorts

Bucket Boys date our high end escorts

Bucket Boys date high class escorts

What’s it like to work as a high class escort? And especially, what’s it like to experience the Girlfriend Experience from Society Service? Thijs and Joep from the Bucket Boys asked themselves these questions and searched for the answers in the video ‘Zoek het Uit’ (translation: How it's made) from Dutch newspaper the Algemeen Dagblad. The gentlemen went out on a date with two of our high class escorts, asked them all their pressing questions and experienced a hot and exciting day!

Mini-documentary about Society Service

In this mini-documentary you can see an interview with Marike van der Velden, the owner of Society Service. She talks about founding of Society Service, the Virgin Experience and the etiquette during a date with a high class escort, to make sure Thijs and Joep are well prepared for their dates. Thijs and Joep meet two escorts in Amsterdam and get to know them a little better over dinner. What happens after dinner remains a mystery for the viewer... English subtitles were added to the documentary specially for our high class escortservice, so non-Dutch viewers can enjoy the documentary as well!