AD How it's made

AD How it's made with Bucket Boys about escort

On July 12, the video channel of AD published the show "How it's made", during which Bucket Boys Joep and Thijs discover how certain Dutch products and services are created. For this episode, the Bucket Boys meet owner Marike and two high class escorts of our escortservice. When talking to Marike, they ask general questions, such as the rates, the difference between regular escort and high class escort, the earnings and which requirements a high class escort must meet. what it's like to work as an escort.

The Bucket Boys change into a more appropriate outfit and visit luxury lingerie boutique Pleasurements in Amsterdam. Afterwards, they go out for dinner with the escorts. They talk openly about their experiences as an escort, what a booking is like and why they want to work as a high class escort. After dinner, the Bucket Boys return to a hotelroom with the two high class escorts, but no cameras are allowed. View the episode here: