Bisexual duo booking with escorts Noah and Emma

Bisexual duo booking with escorts Noah and Emma

Experience a bisexual threesome with two stunning escorts; Noah en Emma

We regularly pay some attention to nice duo combinations at our high class escort service. This time it's about the beautiful Noah and Emma, two stunning high class escorts. These ladies recently had their picture taken together and are happy to tell you more about what to expect during a duo with these two bisexual high class escorts.

High class escort Emma from Amsterdam tells you what a photoshoot is like

"The photoshoots for Society Service are always fun. The provide the opportunity to get to know the other escorts, in between posing. Together with a number of other high class escorts, I was expected at luxury lingerie store Pleasurements in Amsterdam. Preparing for a photoshoot starts at home days or even weeks in advance. I am looking for the most beautiful and luxurious sets that fit my body perfectly, so that I feel like a true goddess when my picture is taken. During the photo shoot, the escorts show each other what beautiful lingerie we have with us and compliment each other on how we look and what we wear. We also help each other with, for example, closing a zipper on the back of that beautiful, but oh so tricky dress, not to mention connecting the stockings to the suspenders.

When I have put on the first set (a red one from Agent Provocateur) I walk towards the set and I am completely ready for it. I take a look in the large mirror and give myself a wink, I'm looking forward to it! I listen to the instructions of the photographer, but I also have some experience myself, so posing is easy. I adopt different postures where I alternately slide my hands over my body, hold my lingerie or touch my hair. Fortunately, during the shoot there is also time for a joke with the photographer, who of course likes it all too much that ladies in sexy lingerie are posing for him all day long.

After my first set, it's Noah's turn. Noah wears beautiful blue lingerie and her hair looks beautiful. Because of the obvious connection between Noah and myself, Marike proposes to take a picture together. Noah in her blue and me in my red lingerie. Can you imagine what that looks like? Two young blond women with curves in the right place teasing each other while lying down or standing. Because of this I almost forget that we are busy with the photo shoot. After our duo shoot I change again in a few other sets and dresses. A different background is chosen for each set, so that I am as beautiful as possible in my lingerie and dresses.

When all the sets have been photographed, it's time to get dressed again and pack all my things. We are now also more than 2.5 hours along. I realize that time really flies when you're having fun. When I am ready to go back home, I thank the photographer, Marike, the ladies from Pleasurements and of course the other escorts. I can't wait for the photos to come online… and until then I'm going to continue fantasizing about my duo shoot with Noah! I think back to her sensual touches and can hardly wait to explore her body further during a sensual duo booking."

High class escort Noah from Amsterdam fantasizes about a duo with escort Emma

"About five years ago, my attraction for women started. What started as ‘innocent’ flirting and kissing, until I met a girl three years ago while going out. She had a very nice, sexy, naughty and confident look. She loved my appearance and wanted to get to know me better, with her boyfriend. I could not have thought this would happen to me, such a beautiful couple! I love to try new things and this was a very pleasant twist to the evening. A whole new world opened up for me, I didn’t know it could be so nice to have a threesome. Not only to experience how nice it is to be with a woman, but to be touched everywhere all the time and to enjoy this intimacy with each other. I really enjoy the intimacy you can have with a woman: soft skin and lips, on the same level and being a little crazy together. After this evening I’ve dated some women, both alone and with a man. 

I told Marike about my interest in women (besides men). And during the second photoshoot she came with a surprise: Emma! From the first moment, I noticed the click between us. The way her eyes smiled and she introduced herself with a big smile… A breathtakingly, beautiful woman. Taking the pictures was not a difficult task at all with Emma, everything felt very natural. We lay side b side and explored each other’s bodies in a sensual way. The growing attraction towards each other, you could see it from everywhere. Her beautiful big eyes made me a bit shy at times, which doesn’t happen often to me. It felt really good to be so close to her. She felt very soft, I will not soon forget this moment. 

That click I was feeling on the set, really stayed in my mind. I can’t wait to feel the soft and teasing touches again and to share this with you! I’ve noticed I have lots of love to give in my life, so I love to share this with two people in the same room. I like to take care of other people (with someone else). A romantic evening with candlelight, a bubble bath, a sensual massage or making your wildest dreams come true. We will feel on the evening itself which way it will go, but I know one thing for sure: we make it an unforgettable evening."


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