A warm start of the new year with a high class escort

A warm start of the new year with a high class escort

A good start is half the battle, according to our escortservice

On behalf of the entire team, we would like to wish you all the best for the new year. As the saying goes "a good start is half the battle". That's why we have a number of suggestions to start the new year well. 

Our high class escort service is located in the Netherlands, where New Year's Eve is in the middle of winter. There's no better time to escape the cold and visit a warm destination with your high class escort. We have listed a number of nice destinations for you that are easily accessible and for which there are no strict admission requirements.

To the Dutch Caribbean with your high class escort

The tropical island of Curaçao is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It therefore comes as no surprise that KLM flies here several times a day and the destination is therefore easily accessible by direct flight. During our winter months it is around 30 degrees. The island offers a lot in the field of culinary, beach and diving. For a special experience, visit Curacao during the annual Carnival. In our opinion, the most beautiful resort on the island is Baoase, but it is also wonderful to stay at Coral Estate and Elements. In addition to Curaçao, the islands of Aruba and Sint Maarten are also beautiful, but less easily accessible by direct flight. The minimum booking for these destinations is 2 days.

Luxury and safari in Cape Town, South Africa

Even though Cape Town in South Africa is in the same time zone as the Netherlands, the climate is exactly the opposite. When it is winter in the Netherlands, it is summer here. Unlike many African destinations, Cape Town feels very "western". From the city you can venture to nearby areas, such as the famous Stellenbosch wine region. In addition to a wine tasting, you can also explore the vineyards of Spier by segway. For the ultimate safari experience, go glamping at Sanbona. The minimum booking for these destinations is 3 days.

Culture and beautiful tropical beaches in Mexico

In addition to beautiful beaches, Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula offers the opportunity to experience culture at various Mayan temple complexes, such as the world-famous Chichén Itzá. You reach the area with a direct flight to Cancun. Along the beaches you will find the most beautiful (adults only) hotels, such as Xcarte Arte and La Valise. The level of comfort and luxury is high. Would you like to escape the worst tourism? Then rent a car and explore the area. Looking for extra excitement? Then stay at the Desire Resort! The minimum booking for this destination is 3 days.

Visit the Canary Islands with your high class escort

From the end of February it will be wonderful to stay in the Canary Islands, of which Tenerife, Lanzarote, Las Palmas and Fuerteventura can be reached by direct flights from the Netherlands. Due to the relatively short flight duration, a booking of 1 day is already possible here, but it is of course much more fun to spend a little more time with your high class escort. On the Canary Islands you can laze by the pool of your hotel or climb a volcano in a sporty way, something for everyone. The most luxurious hotels can be found on Las Palmas, such as Lani's Suites and Suites 1478

Top service in popular Asian destinations

In addition to these suggestions, it is always a good idea to explore an Asian destination with your high class escort. The level of service here is unprecedented and you can stay in the most beautiful hotels where you will be completely pampered. The most accessible are Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, from here you can travel to your dream destination. The minimum booking for this destination is 3 days.


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