Feeling hot hot hot!

How does the hot weather make you feel?

For a few days now, it's been well over 30 degrees celsius here in The Netherlands, in Amsterdam to be exact, and it doesn't look like it will cool down any time soon. When looking out my window I see people smiling, enjoying the sun and a chilled glass of wine, girls in flower dresses and envious looks towards the lucky few who drive a convertible. With such a heat wave, many Dutch women are undoubtedly wearing as little as possible, and all that bare skin may have effects beyond cooling.

Sexual desires peak in the summer months

Many people believe that sweltering temperatures have a tendency to increase our libido. According to condom-manufacturer Trojan’s “Degrees of Pleasure” survey, people living in the hottest areas reported having more sex on average than their peers in colder areas. What might explain an increased libido? Sweat may play a role. Though the science on pheromones in humans is still sketchy, we probably do excrete some chemicals related to attraction. Pheromones are not the only possible scent-based seduction aids, a mix of factors such as skin bacteria and diet contribute to each person’s distinctive smell, and increased sweating assists in the scent’s promulgation. In addition to your sexy sweat, exposure to sunlight elevates the production and secretion of Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH), which has been linked to increase sex drive in women. Serotonin, a feel-good neurotransmitter produced by the brain, may also be responsible for heightened mood and sex drive during summer. Multiple studies have suggested that the production of serotonin is directly related to sunlight and that with increased luminosity comes increased serotonin levels.

But perhaps the answer isn’t as complicated as chemistry. With summer’s longer days, people spend more time outside, giving them more opportunities to interact with one another. Moreover, when they do meet, they’re more likely to be showing some skin. And since we desire what we see, it only makes sense al this hot, sweaty, girls in little dresses make our libidos increase. Right?

Make summer sex even hotter with a high class escort

To make summer sex even hotter, make sure to remember these tips:

  • Don't leave condoms in sunlight. Hot temperature can damage the condom.
  • Hydrate. Sex is basically like a mini workout. A few ice cubes during foreplay are for fun, you'll need to actually drink water to avoid a slamming headache from dehydration.
  • Don't have sex outside without looking around first. Poison ivy or insect nests can really ruin your mood. Rashes are not a good look, especially on your bare butt.
  • Be very careful when having sex in the water. Water washes away your body's natural lubricant, creating more friction and increasing the risk of tears in the condom.

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