A guarantee at our high class escortservice

A guarantee at our high class escortservice

What if the escort does not meet your expectations...

Unfortunately we hear it all too often; an escort agency promises a certain type of escort. But the escort who arrives at you looks completely different. A voluptuous 40-year-old brunette instead of the promised tall, slender blonde of 25. You will no doubt realize it's not her fault. After all, it is her escort agency that made the promises and not herself. There are a number of ways to deal with this situation, but getting angry at the escort is not an option.

You can still choose to accept the escort and make the most of it. She may not be your type in appearance, but maybe she is a lot of fun on all other fronts and you still have a good time with her. You pay her the agreed rate and make the most of it. However, you have learned that, regardless of whether the booking is a success, you cannot trust the escort agency this escort comes from. You are very unlikely to use their services again.

Your rights and obligations if an escort does not meet your expectations

However, you can also choose not to accept the escort. That is your right. You have made an agreement with the escort agency: an escort who meets a certain description at a certain rate. Now that the escort service has not kept their end of the deal, there is also no obligation for you to pay. You are not even obligated to pay a cancellation fee or pay for travel expenses. It is the escort agency that took the risk of sending you a completely different escort, so they also bear the consequences.

However, this only applies when the difference between what is promised and the reality is clearly different. Just as the sommelier in the restaurant recommends you the best wines with beautiful terms, an escort agency will do the same. An escort with a fuller figure is described as feminine with curves. An escort who is slightly older as experienced. And so on. Does the escort meet the description, but is she just a bit disappointing in reality? In that case it is customary for you to compensate her for her time and travel expenses.

Make sure the situation does not escalate and know your rights

At least that's how it should go. Reality sometimes turns out to be different. There are escort agencies that have very unreliable practices. While you are doing your best to treat the refused escort with respect, an angry driver will be at your door and demand that you pay the full rate. Of course nobody wants such a situation. Often times, booking an escort is something you don't share with the entire neighborhood and this angry driver knows that. You can choose to cut your losses and make (part of) the payment. But you can also call in or threaten to call in the police. As previously stated, you are entitled to refuse an escort that is completely different from what was promised without an obligation to make a payment.

It is now up to the driver whether he chooses to settle for less or not. In some cases he will do this. In other cases, it goes even further and the driver is not only angry; he also begins to threaten you. In this case, we recommend that you always call the police immediately. However, it is a very undesirable situation.

How it works with a reliable escort service such as Society Service

Although clients regularly tell us about the aforementioned doom scenarios, it can also be very different. A large part of the escort agencies in the Netherlands are reliable. There is a mutual interest in keeping promises, because a reliable escort service would like to see you again as a client. We have previously told you how to check whether an escort service is reliable. No matter how hard an escort service tries, a disappointment can always occur. The escort may have a bad day, there is no connection between the client and the escort, or the client's expectations were too high. It is therefore common with a reliable escort service that there is a cancellation policy, which explains what the options and costs are in such a situation.

With our high class escort service we have chosen to guarantee that the escort in real life is just as beautiful and fun as we promised. Is this not the case in your opinion? Then you can cancel the booking free of charge upon arrival. Of course some conditions apply, which you can find here. We have chosen this to offer new clients with a bad experience elsewhere a little bit more security. We also know that we keep and exceed our promises, so it is highly unlikely that one of our high class escorts will fall short of expectations. So you can place your booking with us with confidence!