How it all got started

High class escortservice Society Service was founded in 2006. Soon after founding our escortservice, the escorts started telling us about a very special type of client that wanted to loose their virginity through our service. They, like us, understand it's a big deal to have sex for the first time and asked us on advise how to prepare better for such a booking. We always provide our high class escorts with information and courses on several different subjects, from erotic massage with tantra techniques to etiquette and styling. So we asked ourselves; why not look into this a bit more? We contacted several experts, such as psychologists and sexologists to teach us more. With their help we founded our new service in 2007; The Virgin Experience.

The famous Virgin Experience

On April 17th of 2007 one of the largest newspapers of The Netherlands printed our story on their front page and the rest is history. Countless radio interviews, television appearances and print publications followed in both Dutch as well as international media, even to this day. We choose to cooperate with such interviews not only out of promotional benefits but also to inform others about this industry and show a side that involves ladies who make the happy and conscious choice to work in this industry, resulting in many happy clients.

The success of the Virgin Experience

The Virgin Experience is a very successful service, for all parties involved. And with reason, since we make a huge effort to offer you a very special service. You can loose your virginity pretty much anywhere, to any girl you've met at your local bar and at any escortservice, brothel, etc. But none of them offer a specialized service, where escorts are trained to offer you the ultimate experience and create a memorable, intimate and educational first time experience. Society Service was the first and remains the only escortservice to offer the Virgin Experience.

Watch out for counterfeit and imitation!

At exotic holiday destinations, products such as jewelry and accessoires are sometimes offered which at first sight look like the original, but at home fall apart out of misery. Unfortunately, there are also other companies claiming to offer the Virgin Experience, but only provide a poor substitute. They are looking to profit from our popularity because they cannot or do not want to make the effort to make name for their own service. The Virgin Experience of Society Service stands for a special and unique experience, which we take great care of and offers so much more then just the technical part where you actually loose your virginity. It is exactly this special and unique experience that you've been reading and hearing about in the media, as well as the many positive reviews of clients. On the one hand it is flattering that other companies attempt to imitate this very successful service, but it might be confusing to clients. We make a huge effort to protect both you and ourselves from this, to avoid confusion. So let us be very clear; The Virgin Experience by Society Service is the one and only original deflowering service. Watch out for counterfeit and imitation.