High class escorts at your party or group

Although our high class escortservice mainly focuses on intimate and romantic 1 on 1 bookings, we also receive requests for bookings with larger groups. For example, an escort dressed in the most beautiful luxury lingerie who provides your guests with a good glass of champagne, a number of high class escorts who make your boys night out extra fun… or you simply invite all available escorts for a spectacular bachelor party.

One of the things our escorts love about their work as a high class escort is the opportunity to broaden their sexual horizons. Although some of our escorts wouldn't enjoy this at all, a large part of our escorts find it very exciting to experience a sensual and erotic evening in a larger group. However, as the size of the group increases and alcoholic beverages are consumed, this also increases the risks for our escorts. That is of course something to take into account, which is why we make clear agreements with each other in advance.

Speaking of clear: First of all, let's emphasize that our high class escorts provides entertainment in and out of the bedroom. Are you only interested in the erotic aspect? Then we would like to refer you to another escort agency that does offer a a purely erotic service, our agency is not a match. Regardless of the situation and the company, a high class escort offers much more than just eroticism. The social aspect of a booking is also important in larger groups. You will soon notice that the excellent social skills of our escorts contribute greatly to a fun intimate and naughty atmosphere.

Our escortservice divides your party into levels

There is enormous variation between bookings with a larger group and what they exactly entail. The location can also differ; your spacious villa with swimming pool, house with jacuzzi in the garden, boat or luxury yacht, limousine, private jet or 'just' a very nice hotel suite? To give you an indication of the possibilities and the associated costs, we have divided bookings with larger groups into levels. The ratio between the number of clients and the number of escorts is important here, but we also give an example of a booking of such a level.

The higher the level, the less of our escorts are available for your request. The majority of our high class escorts enjoy Level 1 bookings, only half will be available for Level 4 bookings. We check which escorts are available for each request.

Are you interested in a booking with a larger group? Then one person may fill in our booking form. This person is seen as the main booker and the point of contact for the booking.

LEVEL 1 Ratio 1:1, Surcharge none: Boys (or Girls) night out! You and your friends will enjoy an intimate, fun and erotic evening with our high class escorts. Everyone is linked to a specific escort with whom a bond is built that becomes increasingly intimate. The level 2 surcharge applies if you are looking to make such a connection with several escorts.

LEVEL 2 Ratio 2:1, Surcharge €300/escort: Party time! Let the champagne pop and get to know our high class escorts while enjoying a glass of bubbles. Is everybody having a good time? Then the atmosphere becomes more erotic and you can enjoy stripteases and sexy shows. Perhaps you can seduce the escort for more...

LEVEL 3 Ratio 3:1, Surcharge €400/escort: Special occasion, such as a bachelor party? Our escorts celebrate this with your company and offer an evening full of fun and eroticism. Is the atmosphere great? Then our escorts will be happy to seduce you with a striptease and erotic show. With the right connection, the evening becomes even more erotic…

LEVEL 4 Ratio Higher, Surcharge €500/escort: For your (erotic) party, invite our high class escorts to entertain your guests. From serving them in the most beautiful luxury lingerie, costume parties and ball masquerade to erotic shows. Are you lucky? Then the evening gets even more naughty.

Special conditions for larger groups

Minimum booking duration and amount of escorts

The minimum number of escorts you book and for what duration can vary per Level and request. Bookings with a duration of less than three hours and with fewer than two escorts are in any case never possible with this type of booking.

Prepayment via bank transfer

Bookings with larger groups must be (partly) paid in advance by bank transfer. The deposit required varies per Level. It also makes a difference whether one or more attendees have previously booked with our escortservice.

Details of all attendees are required

To place a booking with our escortservice, a number of details are required, such as full real name, date of birth and nationality. You must provide this information for each person present at the booking. In this way we can prevent the escort from bumping into an acquaintance and having to leave the booking prematurely. In the event information was incomplete or incorrect about the (number of) persons present at the booking, the escorts will decide if they wish to terminate the booking or proceed but at double the surcharge.

Phone use, photos and videos are strictly prohibited

Our high class escorts, just like our clients, have a need for privacy. It is therefore not allowed to take photos or videos of our high class escorts, even if they are unrecognizable. To avoid being tempted to record this special evening, there is a strict prohibition on the use of mobile phones during your booking.

Eroticism and sexual contact during your booking

No matter how open-minded the escort's attitude may be, the high class escort decides for herself whether she has sexual contact with anybody, if this is with one or more people and whether you withdraw to a location that offers privacy, or if this happens with others present.

Alcohol, drugs and safe sex

Our high class escorts immediately terminate a booking in the event of drug use or excessive alcohol use. Asking for unsafe sex and not respecting boundaries are also reasons to terminate a booking immediately. In this case, there is no right to any refund

Extra security for our high class escorts

In some cases it will be required that additional security is present during your booking. This will be fully at your expense. The chance that security is required increases as the ratio of the number of clients per escort increases, the group as a whole is larger and mainly consists of people with whom we as an escortservice have no previous experience.