The ultimate form of pampering at the Geisha Experience

Do you feel like being pampered from head to toe by a gorgeous escort who is their to please, tease and more? Then the Geisha Experience is perfect for you. Our modern day version of the traditional geisha, with a naughty twist.

The word geisha itself means artist. Escorts who offer the Geisha Experience are most certainly artists who will entertain your body, mind and soul, like a true artist. To entertain your mind we suggest you skip the traditional tea and change it for champagne, provided by you. 

Getting ready for a Geisha Experience

You will get to know each other or, ideally, catch up over a glass of fine champagne. Your escort will seduce you with her voice, laughter and smile while your eyes wander over her body. Without a single touch yet shared between you two, your escort will start to slowly dance and undress herself, while touching herself. You are left breathless by the vision of this beautiful naked woman.

Be fully pampered by your high class escort

While you are enjoying your drink, your Geisha escort will prepare a luxurious scented, candlelit bath for you. She will pamper, wash and massage every inch of your body including your hair, scrub your body, kiss you and let you drink champagne from her breasts. When finishing your bath, your Geisha escort will dry you with a big fluffy hotel towel and rub moisturizer all over your body.

You are now ready to get dressed again... or make love. The choice is yours.