Vrouw Magazine 2017

Vrouw Magazine about entrepreneurship in the escort industry

On November 18th 2017, Vrouw Magazine by Telegraaf published a series of portraits on women who are entrepreneurs in the escort industry. Owner Marike was interviewed on how she runs her high class escortservice. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a (partial) summary in English.

Sexy businesswomen

They are mostly entrepreneurs, but in a very special industry: these women manage an escortagency. But how exciting is their work really? And how open are they about their work on family functions or to their children?

MARIKE VAN DER VELDEN (33) is owner of high class escort agency Society Service since 2006. In 2014 she published the book Escort Bijbel with a co-author. 

I studied Business Administration... “When a fellow student provided the idea to found an escort agency together. She was looking for a business partner, to manage the business side. I had just finished my Bachelor and was about to start my Masters and it sounded like fun. It wasn't about the sex: I could have just as well started a business producing cookies or tomato paste.” 

In the beginning...“I was a bit careful in telling people about managing an escortservice. I didn't know how they would respond and wanted to figure out for myself how fun the industry really was and if I was any good at being an entrepreneur. I kept my last name out of publications in case I would change my mind. After a buyout of my business partner I decided to go for it.” 

My environment responded... “In general very nice. I told my parents straight from the start and despite their worries due to the image of the industry, they where mostly proud of me. I did loose some friends in the beginning. They didn't openly criticize me, they just vanished out of my life.” 

With potential boyfriends… “My work has been a deal breaker in the past. Those boyfriends found it difficult to introduce me to their family. My current partner is completely fine with my work. But I just manage the escortservice, I am not servicing the clients myself.” 

I am not always open... “About what I do. As soon as I mention it at a party, I know my work will be all I'll be talking about for the rest of the evening. I don't always feel like that. Neither do I mention my work to my dentist, for example. But everybody around me knows what I do and I am absolutely not ashamed for it.” 

Conversaties about sexual preferences... “With potential clients are equally arousing to me as talking about what I would like to have on my sandwich. Nothing surprises me anymore. I am not answering the phone completely aroused, to me this is just a job.” 

Bizar requests… “I don't hear as much as before. Sometimes, men request very large items to be placed in their behind, or they want to be completely beat up. The escorts of Society Service are not a match to such preferences, they need to go elsewhere. Some men call me for dirty talk. I just put them on hold for a very long time.”