Vrouw Glossy 2015

Vrouw Glossy about working in the sexindustry

On May 1st, glossy Vrouw published a series of portraits about women working in  the sexindustry. Owner Marike and high class escort Aria were interviewed about their job in the sexindustry. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.


More then enough prejudices but secretly we all want to know everything about their job in the sexindustry. Five women portrayed in the style of the old Dutch masters...

ARIA became high class escort at Society Service out of curiosity.

"I was always curious about sex and noticed the effect I had on men. When I was 18th I wanted to experiment with sex but not just with anybody. I thought that by becoming and escort I could experiment in a safe environment. And if I didn't like it, I would have at least made some money.

The first time was very different than expected. It was during daytime and not in the evening but lots of fun. My client was a handsome and social man. Over drinks I found myself thinking... why didn't I do this before? Much more fun then a regular date.

I have never had a client that made me think, I can't with you. That's most likely because I operate in the high class segment of escorts , where most clients are very well groomed men. I don't need to find my client attractive, as long as I don't cross any of my personal boundaries. But if I want, I can always refuse a client. Which has never happened, but still. 

Almost all of my friends know about me working as an high class escort. As long as it's safe and I am not on drugs they are okay with it. They prefer for me to do this then to hook up every weekend after one too many drinks in a club. This is safe and controlled, a business deal and fun for both parties. 

The most fun part about this work is the excitement. You never know in advance who you are going to meet. It is an escape from reality. In day to day life I wear jeans and sneakers but as an escort I wear elegant dresses and lingerie."

MARIKE is owner of escortservice Society Service, about which she wrote her book Escort Bijbel.

"Running an escortservice is way less exciting then most people think. Nine out of ten days I work from my office. My activities are similar to those of any other entrepreneur or bankdirector. When I was younger I met someone with the idea to start an high class escortservice. But if I had met someone with a genius plan for a cookie factory than perhaps that's what I would be doing right now. 

I have an above average interest in eroticism, femininity and sensuality. I have always been very free about sexuality and not raised with the idea that sex must be connected to eternal love.

I make a nice living but this work also makes me impossible to insure. Life insurance, disability, liability insurance, it's al not available. On paper I am considered a risk and a "not integer person" because this industry is often associated with criminal activities. Tax authorities are my best friends however.

The most difficult part are the prejudices. I run a legal company and am convinced my escorts do this not only for the money but because they enjoy it. Nobody will work against their will at Society Service."