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Vrouw.nl about Eline who regularly books a gigolo

On July 19th 2018, Vrouw.nl of Telegraaf newspaper published an article online about Eline, who regularly books a gigolo at our high class escortservice een gigolo boekt. The publication went online a day after launching our Gigolo Service, where women and couples can book heterosexual gigolos and male escorts. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English. In the Vrouw Glossy edition of January 2022, the article was reposted with some minor adjustments.

Eline regularly books a gigolo: Sometimes I like a younger man

Eline is a beautiful woman and has a good job in financial services. She has been single on and off for about ten years and has a nice, free life. Once every two months she books a gigolo. "It's heavenly to treat myself to a gigolo on occasion."

"I studied business administration at the university and now have a nice job at a bank. I work more than fifty hours a week. Being single is not necessarily a choice. It is just the way things turned out. I am open to it, but do not necessarily need to be in relationship. If it is not the right person, then no thanks. I want a nice guy, with purpose in life and intelligence. He must have a positive outlook on life and treat me with respect."

Eline likes to take her own business: "I learned this when growing up, making my own choices, not being dependent, making my own decisions, which is why I sometimes do things different from most other people and Ia m very openminded. I have tried Tinder on occasion and went on some dates, but all in all I found that quite disappointing. One of my dates turned out to be married, and other was a catfish. I don't like it when people pretend to be different from who they really are. If the picture isn't accurate and the person is fat and bald in real life, in addition to being a lier... I dress up for a date, try to look my very best and feel that's a waste of my time when that happens. Just like a man just looking for sex. That makes me wonder, why lie about it? Just be straight in stead of promising me the world.'

When it comes to sex, I prefer that it is also about me. But many men are selfish lovers, which makes me more concerned about his pleasure than mine. To me, that's no fun. That's why I went looking for a gigolo on the internet. After a number of dodgy sites, I found Marike's Society Service. A high class escort service with great customer service. I hope to help other women by opening up about booking a gigolo. I now have two gigolo's, which I meet on occasion. Sometimes I feel spending time with the younger gigolo, other times with the more mature gigolo.

You get a bond with those men; I go out to dinner with them, tell about my life and about my work. For me it is a condition that I can share a decent conversation with the gigolo. One of the criteria when selecting the right gigolo. I think a gigolo is a godsend. You know what the deal is. At that moment you are there for each other. When he leaves, it's done. Then you know that this was it. Are you not disappointed if someone does not call you the next day. And no, I do not fall in love with them.

About once every two months I treat myself to a nice gigolo for a night out. We're going to have a bite to eat and have a drink. I always book a dinnerdate. That is between 900 and 1100 euros, but then you have the whole evening together. If I would only book the gigolo for two hours, it would be between 500 and 700 euros. I love to start the evening with a massage. I can surrender to it and enjoy the focus and attention being on me. I do not have any difficulties talking about what I want and my desires. I am paying for it after all.

Generally I think gigolos pay more attention to women than the average man does, so that's why I enjoy the sex more. The chance of success and a connection in bed are greater if you have sex with someone who knows what he is doing. He has a lot of experience and knows how to pleasure a woman in the bedroom. I certainly recommend booking a gigolo. Few people know that I do this and therefore I prefer not to share my story under my own name. Only two girlfriends know about it. Yet it has set something in motion for me.

I can imagine that if I have a partner again I will be more inclined to suggest a threesome after a few years. I prefer this over cheating and it avoids the risk of falling in love." Eline realizes that a gigolo is not for everyone:"There is certainly a price tag attached, it is really a gift to yourself. I always look forward to it. I am dressed to the nines with stunning lingerie and high heels. Sometimes, the gigolo is also a bit nervous. And so am I. When the doorbell rings, my heart starts beating faster. That excitement provides for some great sex later that evening."