Vriendin 2023

Vriendin Magazine about working as a high class escort

On February 12th 2023, magazine Vriendin published an article on their website about Rosalie, who works as a high class escort with Society Service. In this article she talks openly about her experiences. The original article was published in Dutch and can be found below and on the website of Vriendin. Below you also find an English translation.

What does she do? – Rosalie (26) is a high class escort

A family tree researcher, a divorce coach, a horse coach... In the coming weeks, various female readers will talk about their special profession. This week Rosalie* who is a high class escort. "It's much more than just sex work."

You are a high class escort, what exactly is that?

“People often think of sex work as sex and I understand that, but my work is much more than that. As a high class escort, I simply give someone a very nice experience, which mainly revolves around the social-emotional aspect. My clients are not always just looking for sex, they are looking for someone with whom they can have a nice date. For example, during a date we go to a restaurant or have a nice evening out, and that usually ends in bed. It just depends on what the client needs.”

How do you find that out?

“Someone already indicates this during their booking. I have a very nice mediator who is very good at matching. She knows exactly which clients are a good match for me, so I never really have a mismatch. For example, men I like to date are clients who are very shy or ashamed of a certain disability they have. Ideally, they would like to go out with a nice woman, but they usually don't know how to go about it. I'll lead them the way. No one has to be nervous with me, because there is no need for that. My job is to make someone feel comfortable and have a good time. I don't have to personally find someone attractive for that. I am a professional, so I always find something that makes a client fun or interesting.”

But don't you find it difficult that a date ends in bed in most cases?

“No, it's part of the deal. Moreover, I like to put someone at ease sexually. I see it as a service that is completely separate from my own sex life. In my private life I make love with someone I really like, for work it is a business matter.”

What is the difference between a normal sex worker and a high class escort?

“A normal sex worker is really about sex, but a high class escort is much more about depth. I always empathize with my clients and like to listen to what he has to say. I've learned that over time (I've been doing this job for about three years now): listening and asking really good questions is a profession in itself. What if I respond very disinterestedly to a client who talks about what he has experienced? Then such a man also thinks: what good is this woman to me? The target group of a high class escort is often very specific. They want a woman who is not only attractive, but also intelligent and well-developed socially.”

Do you have to have a certain level of education to do this job?

“Not necessarily, but I did study at university and, in addition to my work as a high class escort, I work as a consultant in the agricultural sector.”

So in addition you have an other job?

"That's right. I work full time and do the work as a high class escort part time on the side. Not primarily for the money (I go on two to five dates a month and earn an average of 500 euros net per time), but mainly because I really enjoy the work.”

What do you like about it?

“That I keep meeting new, interesting people who all have their own story. I find it incredibly fascinating to discover what drives someone, how they approach life and what they like to do. And of course I always like the dates themselves. I enjoy it just as much myself.”

Have you ever had a date that was disappointing?

“Yes, but I still know how to make something of it. It's like any other job: every now and then there are days when you don't like your job a bit. Well, those are included. Fortunately, that doesn't happen often. Most of my work is always fun.”

Does your environment also know about your work?

"My friends do, but my family doesn't. My employer in the agricultural sector does not need to know - I do not want my colleagues to think differently about me if they know that I also work as a high class escort - and I want to protect my parents a little. I think if they knew I was doing this job, they would be very concerned about whether everything is going well. I don't have a relationship. I am open to it and if I really notice that it would connect well with someone, I would be open to him or her about my work. Then it is up to him whether he can live with that.”

Do you have any tips for others who would like to do this work?

“Yes, only do it if you really like it. Sometimes I'm on a date that lasts five or six hours and that takes quite a lot of energy because you have to be very social all the time. Moreover, you also have to be open minded. I date clients between thirty and seventy years old and all ages have their own charm. You just need to be able to see them…”