Vriendin Magazine

Vriendin Magazine about working as an high class escort

On august 21st, 2013 the Dutch magazine Vriendin published an article about working as an high class escort at Society Service in the candid department. In this article, Karen (alias) is being interviewed, who works for Society Service. She talks about what it's like to work as an high class escort and how she combines this with her day to day life. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a short summary in English.

"During daytime, Karen works as a teacher on an high school. But two evenings a week, she makes money in a very different way. Almost nobody knows she works as an escort. "As an escort I make more money in one evening then I do as a teacher in one week."

Karen: "My date yesterday was fantastic. He was just a few years older then me, attractive and a gentleman. He held the door for me, treated me with a nice diner and we made love for hours. Almost nobody knows I wear expensive lingerie and stockings during the evening. I start my day in jeans with a conservative blouse. Everybody knows me as the conservative teacher and that will remain the same. Me working two evenings a week as an escort is my secret."

"Two years ago I read something in a magazine on working as an escort. Don't ask me why but I was curious. For days I thought about it. I thought it would be super exciting and after a few months I was sure and decided to go for it. Some interviews were hilarious, with drug addicted madams, but with Society Service things were different and very professional. Of course I was nervous, what if they would not hire me? I wasn't a young 20-something year old girl anymore. Luckily I left a positive impression and was invited for a second interview. I was asked to bring clothing that I would assume suitable for bookings. Fun, I thought. Finally I can wear those short dresses with killer heels. But nothing was less true. I soon learned an high class escort should be discrete, feminine yet seductive. Not too sexy and certainly not trashy. So skirts with knee length, elegant stockings and beautiful lingerie. Not long after I was hired and a few weeks later my first booking arrived; a dinnerdate with a man in his late fourties. Nervous I walked into the restaurant but soon relaxed when we turned out to have a nice connection. We got to know each other over a luxurious dinner and then went back to the hotel to make love. Exciting? Certainly, my first time in bed with a strange man. At first it felt a bit weird but quickly became more natural. Eventually it was far more fun then I imagined. He treated me well and did everything possible to make me feel comfortable, he knew it was my first date."

"Nobody knows about me working as an high class escort, I keep it private. People do not expect this of me because their image of an escort is very different from reality. During daytime I am the responsible teacher, in the evening my naughty side comes out to play and I transform into a charming, sexy lady. I feel comfortable with both roles and am able to combine them perfectly because both are part time. I keep things completely separated and am very discrete. The money I make as an extra is a bonus which I use for the little luxuries such as a long massage at the spa or more expensive lingerie."

"People often thing escorting is purely about sex, which is not true. People don't pay that much money for just sex. They are looking for an experience which includes romance and intimacy. A client is usually a true gentleman and makes an effort to please me, which brings out the lady in me. We play a game where we concur each other slowly and take time and an interest in each other. I don't have any problems with having sex with a man for who I have no feelings. Sex is never completely without feelings, but I am not in love with my clients. I'm not afraid either that will happen any time soon. A booking is like a fairytale, one with an ending. I will be the ideal girlfriend for just a few hours and he will be the perfect man. We both know there are no strings attached. We have a nice evening. Period. I do not have to worry afterwards about if he's going to call me or not the next day. Wonderful not?"

"Before a booking I take a long shower and make sure every inch of my body is clean, smooth and scented. I put on some nice lingerie with stockings, feminine clothing and high heels. I wear my hair down and a little bit more make-up then I would normally do. It's like getting ready for a normal date, accept that most women probably don't bring massage oil, five different sizes condoms and candles. I usually meet my clients in a luxurious hotel in Amsterdam or at their private residence. I meet one or two gentlemen a week, usually between 35 and 60 years old and mostly businessmen. I do not have a specific preference. As long as he does his very best to create a wonderful evening, I don't care if he's a 20-something year old virgin or older gentlemen of 70. It might sound strange but looks are not important. Of course it's nice to be attracted to a client but they don't all have to be mister Universe. I can see something beautiful in every person and that's where I put my focus. It's about the inner beauty; when I feel a connection with a person, the rest is easy. A while ago for example, I met a client who was heavily overweight, not the type I would go for normally. But he had such a great sense of humor and after half an hour of chit chat I din't even see the weight anymore. And when at the end of the evening we got into bed together, I didn't need to turn a button to enjoy myself. He had exceptional oral skills. And I'm not just referring to kissing!"