Viva Magazine 1 in 2019

Viva Magazine about the lingerie of a high class escort

On February 27th magazine Viva published a piece about their large underwear survey. This includes some interesting statistics about the underwear of women in The Netherlands. A high class escort of Society Service was asked to share a bit more about the lingerie she wears. The original article was published in Dutch but an English (partial) translation can be found below.

Slip course: What does the pussy wear?

One person daily hoists herself in a grandma's underpants, the other goes for a thong. Which underwear is favorite with women and what is really the best for your vagina? The results of VIVA's large underwear survey.

Commissioned by VIVA, research agency Motivaction conducted a survey to find out what kind of underwear we wear. 506 women between the ages of 20 and 45 completed the survey. The most popular underwear is the regular slip (worn by 33%), followed by the thong (27%). However, when going out a thong is favorite (36%) and the slip comes in second place (27%). The most important thing for women is that their underwear is comfortable and that they feel good in it. The majority (66%) go for cotton underwear because they like the feeling of the textile best. But sometimes we opt for style over comfort: 25% sometimes wear underwear that they like but that is not comfortable. Furthermore, it is important that underwear is easy to wash and also stays beautiful after washing. Black is the most popular color, followed by white and red. We are not really into complete sets in the Netherlands: the majority of women (53%) think it is not important that their underwear (bra and underpants) is matching. And even though shapewear was previously reserved for Hollywood stars to appear tighter and bump-free in their evening dress, the Netherlands is also wriggling around in corrective underwear: 38% of women sometimes wear this.

Swap trick of lingerie

77% put on clean underpants every day, 16% even twice a day. One in twenty women does this every other day or even less often. Hm, that doesn't sound very fresh. Will it not be a bacterial bomb down there, with all kinds of infections? A study from Iran, published in World Health Organizational Journal, concluded that putting on clean underpants more often could lead to a lower risk of bladder infection with pregnant women. But a Turkish study in International journal of gynecology & obstetrics shows that there is no connection between how often students change underwear and vaginal infections. So science is not straightforward, but let's face it: a slip that stores two days of urine, sweat and vaginal discharge does not feel very fresh down under, does it?

With or without underwear

Many celebrity does it: going command, or: going out without underwear on. Because then they have no annoying VPL (visible panty line), or the fresh breeze feels nice. With unexpected Basic Instinct moments as a result. For example, Chrissy Teigen and Bella Hadid showed more than planned on the red carpet, and Britney Spears and Anne Hathaway gave paparazzi and the rest of the world a peek into their crotch as they stepped out of a car without underwear. In the Netherlands, one in ten women sometimes goes out without underwear. At night, 17% do not wear underwear. Does this still affect the vagina? No research has been done on this recently, but in an old review study published in Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey in 1992, it is concluded that to your vagina it does not matter whether you sleep with or without underwear.

Escort-dresscode: the lingerie of a high class escort

Lisette (24) works as a high class escort at Society Service, in addition to her work as a lawyer. 'I love beautiful lingerie and that of course works out very well with this work. The most common preference of my clients is still a black lace set with thong and garter belt, and of course with stockings and high heels. If I have seen a client once before, I also like to wear something else, such as something with a bright color or a bit of fetish. My personal favorite remains the thong. I like that better and you see panty lines through your clothes. I usually have a few extra sets of lingerie with me so that I can change if the cliënt enjoys that. I always have something with me that is a bit more kinky and something that is more cute.

Nowadays you see that luxury lingerie is a bit more naughty, with straps and open pants and cups. Many clients find that very sexy, because that is not something every woman wears. But there are clients who don't like lingerie very much, who prefer to see and feel my bare skin. Or would like to see me in a sporty set. Of course, a client has never asked for a corrective skin color slip with a matching bra. Although recently someone tore a skin color panty from my buttocks. I always wear a matching lingerie set, even when I go to my 'normal job'. But I save my most beautiful and most expensive lingerie for bookings and exciting evenings in the private sphere.'