Viva Magazine 2017

Viva Magazine about working as an escort

On January 11th, magazine Viva published an item smart ways to make some extra money. This included working as an escort at Society Service. The original article was published in Dutch but an English translation can be found below.

10. Extreme tip: Escort

It's less common, but there are plenty of jobs available in the escort industry. And yes, it's not uncommon for ladies doing very technical studies to work as an escort, according to Marike van der Velden of high class escort agency Society Service.

“The funny thing is that after 'expensive' periods such as summer holidays and Christmas I receive much more applications than other periods. To be an escort you must enjoy adventure and feel it's an exciting job. Clients can tell if you are genuinely into it or not and will book you much more often if you are not in it just to make money. With a few evenings a week you can generate an above average annual income. In addition to that, many clients will provide tips and take you to special places, sometimes even in private jets. In any case, it's a very lucrative job.”