Viva Magazine 2013

Viva Magazine about the Escort Experience

On July 31st 2013, Dutch magazine Viva published an article on the Escort Experience, a special service of Society Service. The article was published again on February 5th, 2019. In this article, Julia is being interviewed about her experiences at the Escort Experience, a service specializing in the common female fantasy to be an high class escort for a day. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a short summary in English.

High class escort fantasy

Julia (32) had been fantasizing about this for years: being hired as a high class escort for one evening. Her boyfriend also thought it was an exciting idea, so she went for it.

"The date was in a hotel in Amsterdam. I checked my make-up one last time before getting out of the taxi. I was about to meet a man of who I only know name, age, nationality and some background information. This is what it felt like to be an high class escort. At exactly 8PM I walked into the hotel. He was waiting for me in the lobby; a well groomed, well dressed man in his early fourties. Not super handsome, but not unattractive either. He walked up to me, introduced me and invited me for a drink and something to eat. As soon as we set down, he provided a small bag with a scented candle and the agreed amount of money in an envelop. He told me he booked "normal" high class escorts on a regular basis and was now booking with The Escort Experience for the second time. He knew I was interested in doing this once and that it was my fantasy. This excited him. When we discussed this, my nerves disappeared.

I had been fantasizing for a long time about escortsex. It seemed excited, being paid for it, and the whole atmosphere surrounding it appealed to me; meeting in a luxurious hotel, sex with an unknown businessman. The fact that I would remain anonymous as well, turned me on. My boyfriend and I have been together for over three years and we are very open and enjoy experimenting. I had seen something in the media about Society Service, an escortservice with a female director, who offered the Escort Experience. This was the way to make my fantasy come true. My boyfriend was fine with it. After submitting my booking request, I received a call from Marike, the owner of Society Service. She had some questions and wanted to know a bit more about what I had in mind. After that she emailed me a proposal and the rate. I had chosen "the works"; a full day program with everything included. A week before the big day I received an email with some more information on what to expect, how to dress and prepare. On the day itself a taxi picked me up and brought me to a luxurious lingerie boutique, which was opened exclusively for me. Step one of the package; looking like an high class escort. Marike welcomed me in the boutique. It immediately felt right. A stylist dressed me and my make-up was done, after which a photo shoot followed. We then went to the office of Society Service, where I was served a light lunch. I was also introduced to a regular escort of the agency, who I could ask anything I wanted. She was very open about her experiences as an high class escort.

After the lunch, I received a course in erotic massage. I learned some important techniques, for example penis massage. And then the moment was there. Marike asked me one more time if I was completely sure and ensured me I could back out at any time if I wanted. 

The evening was moving along smoothly. We had something to eat and the conversation was flowing. We talked about work and travel. After a while he asked me if I wanted to join him to his suite for a glass of wine in bath. This was the moment, the real thing. The escort had provided me with some tips about the bath part and, like a true professional, I retreated to the bathroom. I prepared a bath with nice oil and placed some candles around the bath. I undressed but kept my lingerie on and put on some nice music on my Ipad. I checked a phone where I saw a message from my boyfriend: "Have fun honey, this is your night!". I took a big breath and stepped out of the bathroom. I walked up to the client in my sexy lingerie and pulled him up to me. Luckily he was a good kisser, which made the rest come natural. We undressed each other and stepped into the bath. It wasn't difficult being naked with this unknown man. Kind of strange since in day-to-day life I am very selective and have not been with many men. But now it was my time, this was my fantasy.

The sex was wonderful. We did everything; fingers, tongue, mouth, multiple positions, massage, and most importantly, we had a lot of fun. As desert I even had an orgasm. It was exciting but also cozy. After the sex we even cuddled for a bit. The total date lasted four hours, of which two hours were spend in the bathroom. The experience was exactly what I wanted. I didn't make money on it, it even costed me money. I wanted to make my fantasy come true and I was more then happy to spend a little. This was a gift form me to me. Despite the great experience, I haven't told anybody about this, not even my best friends. My sexlife concerns only me and my boyfriend. It might sound strange but it even improved our relationship. My boyfriend is very happy with the new massage techniques, in particular the penis massage. And I've learned variations to regular positions that I wouldn't have come up with myself but work really well. After my escortdate, my boyfriend and I agreed to have a date night, once a  week. An evening together with just us together and no telephones, where we really take time for each other. We then go out for dinner, have a drink, and make love all night long. An high class escort date, but then with my boyfriend."

The Escort Experience

Do you want to know like Julia what it's like to be an high class escort for a day? At Society Service you can book The Escort Experience, where you become an high class escort for a day. You are taught things about styling and presentation, receive exciting sex tips and a course in erotic massage. Whether you go on an actual booking at the end of the day, is completely up to you. The Escort Experience is available for individuals but also in groups. You create your own package, which are available from five hundred euro. Also nice; The Escort Experience is also available for bachelorette parties.