Vice 2019

Vice about Valentine's Day for a sex worker

On February 14, online magazine Vice published an article about how sex workers celebrate valentine. A few escorts from our high class escort service were interviewed, along with other sex workers such as a gigolo and erotic masseuse. They talk about how romantic Valentine's Day is with a client. The original article can be found here (in Dutch) or a translation can be read below.

This is how romantic Valentine's Day is as a sex worker

Valentine's Day consists of the holy trinity of chocolate, roses and sex. You just get the first two from the supermarket, the latter sometimes leads to a hassle. But don't panic: if you are single and put a little too much value on commercial holidays, you can always find your salvation with a sex worker. I asked some of them how important Valentine's Day is for business and what kind of customers they have on the most romantic day of the year.

Bieke: Erotic massage

“Two years ago my marriage failed after fourteen years. Divorce is not cheap, so I decided to earn money as an erotic tantramasseur: erotic massages that often end with an orgasm, without involving sex. On Valentine's Day we are no busier than normal, because usually the customers have to be with their wives that day. Yet I notice that the time around Valentine's Day can be a stressful period for many men, and that such a massage is often exactly what they need. If they are single, they feel a void that they want to fill around Valentine's Day with the "girlfriend experience" during the massage. They are confronted with the fact that they have no one, because they are confronted with lots of advertisements and cheesy valentine messages. When they have a relationship, they often feel that pressure too. The majority of our customers are in a relationship and tell us that they no longer know how to spoil their wives. A client of mine had been stressed about Valentine for a long time because he notices that when he comes home from his time-consuming job, his wife demands that he make it up to her. But he no longer knows how to do that. The massages that I give are primarily therapeutic: by massaging someone until he or she comes, a strong sexual energy is released that fuels your primal instinct. That sexual energy can still flow through the body of my customers for days. That again ensures that my clients have more sexual confidence in their relationship. The irony is that my customers do not often tell their partner that they are visiting me.”

Nora: High class escort at Society Service

“I have been working for Society Service for a few years now and I have had a booking with Valentine every year so far. I'm single, so I don't have a partner who wants to do something fun with me. It is not a special day for me. In fact, I think that the whole idea of Valentine's day is nonsense. You don't need a special day to be kind to the people you love the most. Yet I notice that it does play a role with clients. Just like at Christmas, it is the kind of day that they do not want to be alone, so they book an escort. If a client is extra romantic because of Valentine's Day, I naturally like that very much. But in general I have nothing to complain about, my clients are almost all very nice and sweet. I sometimes date "outside work" and unfortunately I have to conclude that my clients are a lot more romantic than the average man with whom I date "for free". One of the most romantic dates was on Valentine's Day. My client had placed imitation rose petals in a candlelit bath. The red color was nice in the water and it looked beautiful, especially with the candles everywhere. What we didn't realize was that the dye would also get into our skin. I was as pink as a shrimp for days and probably my client as well. It was a nice evening, so every time I looked in the mirror, it reminded me of that evening.”

Sandra: Escort

“In addition to my regular job, I also work on the side as an escort. I have often worked on Valentine's Day, and today I will work as well. I think valentine dates are very nice and cozy, because they are more than normally about real romance. Many of my clients are single or on business abroad and cannot spend Valentine's Day with their girlfriend or wife. The customers who book you on Valentine's Day long for the girlfriend experience. My customers are not necessarily lonely, but would like to experience that Valentine's Day charm with someone. For them it is all about the experience: that one unforgettable moment that they can remember for a long time. Tonight I will be flown to London for a date. I'm really looking forward to it, because I've already received a card on which he has written a self-written poem. So romantic.”

Stefanie: High class escort at Society Service

“I am 36 years old and have been working as a high class escort for over five years. I am also a sales manager. I think Valentine's Day is one of the nicest days to do my work. The clients always want something special and do their best to spoil me extra. It's almost as if they are making even more of an effort than me. What also makes it special is that the clients who book you really think you are special: you are the one they want to celebrate the day of love with. And yes, I also do my very best during such a booking. One of my regular clients came specially to the Netherlands to spend Valentine's Day with me. He likes to be pampered. Sometimes he only invites me, but we also regularly have threesomes with another escort. We light candles, put on some nice music and he orders caviar that we then eat from his body. Yes, Valentine's Day with him is always special.”

Anna: Escortdame

“I absolutely don't care about Valentine's Day, and even as an escort, I don't think it's a fascinating day. In the two years that I worked as an escort, I was incredibly spoiled: I traveled around the world, received every gift I wanted and was showered with jewelry and expensive clothes. It doesn't matter to me that I would get that little extra on Valentine's Day, I already have it. In addition, all my regular customers have a wife and that is the moment that they also have to be with her.”

Vince: Gigolo

“I've been a gigolo for eight years. Women can book me for everything: from a pleasant walk to a romantic weekend. I have dates all year round, but there is a peak around Valentine's Day. The same applies to Christmas and New Year's Eve. You are surrounded by friends for a moment, and in January everyone starts working again, so you suddenly realize how lonely you are. In January a lot of relationships break down because people want a fresh, new start. Valentine's Day comes just after that period and for many women it can be rather confronting. Women who are alone are even more confronted with their loneliness. By seeing me, they hope they can forget about that. On February 14 they often want a valentine date. Sometimes that can be a small dinner with some candles, rose petals on a bed and a small gift, sometimes they want to spend the night in an expensive hotel. Especially around Valentine's Day, my appointments mainly revolve around the "girlfriend experience". Tomorrow for example, I go shopping with a woman who often books me, then we go to the movies, eat something and spend the night in a nice hotel. We actually do everything a couple would do. I notice that women can sometimes struggle at those moments because they are confronted with the relationship they don't have. Yet most of the dates are special. A few years ago a friend gave me as a gift to her best friend. She thought that her girlfriend deserved to be pampered for one night, because she had been a single mother for years and felt little love. She agreed and thought it was crazy. Together with her best friend, I came up with a surprise: we put on a blindfold, led her to a room full of candles, chocolates and champagne. The girlfriend eventually left, leaving me alone with that woman. That was really a wonderful experience, she was so happy.”

Alex: High class escort at Society Service

“I never thought Valentine's Day was very special, and always thought of it as purely a commercial holiday. But since I work as an escort, I secretly feel the romance attached to the day. Tonight I have a date with a regular customer who treats me a bit like his girlfriend. He is married, but rarely has sex with his wife. He is not lonely, but he is involuntary celibate. Because my clients value Valentine's Day, this special day grew on me. I live together with my boyfriend, with whom I have an open relationship and no matter how much I love him: he is anything but romantic. If it was up to him, I would celebrate Valentine's Day on my own. That's why it's nice that I can still experience this with a client.”

Alexandra: Erotic massage

“I have been giving erotic massages for six years now. Especially to men, but sometimes I also get couples and occasionally a woman. I also give regular massages, but usually people come back for a happy ending, because they just miss that one bit. An orgasm is in fact a good way to end a relaxing massage. I used to work on Valentine's Day, but now that I have a partner, I keep this day free for him. In itself I do not miss much because it is usually less busy than on other days. A large part of my male customers have a relationship and spend the day with their partner. And in most cases the wife doesn't know about her husband's massage sessions. Yet that is not always the case. I regularly have clients who have agreed with their wife that each may have their own secrets. Sometimes it happens that a couple gives me as a present to each other. In that case they celebrate Valentine's Day together on my massage table. In fact, an erotic massage is an ideal Valentine's gift for your partner, whether you participate in it or not. You could see an erotic massage as a kind of therapy, which is often good for your relationship. I regularly have conversations with men who feel insecure and ask me how they can please their partner better. If I let your partner relax, he will take better care of you.”