Van lichte zeden

Society Service in book Van lichte zeden

The book "Van Lichte Zeden" includes positive stories of the world of love for sale. High class escortservice Society Service is also featured in the book.

Despite legalizing prostitution since 2000, it is hardly ever associated with the positive. People think of drugs, human trafficking, loverboys and all sorts of forms of forced exploitation. However, there's a different side as well. Next to this terrible and sad side of prostitution, there's also a happy and voluntary side. Women and men - who consciously choose this profession because they enjoy it and think it's exciting, brings them independence and adventure, power and money. The book "Van Lichte Zeden", written by Anne Bakker and Lydia van der Weide, these women and some men tell their stories. What motivates them? What are their experiences? What's a date like? Do the women enjoy the sex? What do they do and what absolutely not? What type of men visit them? And also some men are included, so-called "punters". Who are they and what are they looking for with a prostitute? Prostitution is about much more then just sex.

This book allows you to take a look at a world where love is for sale, like we don't see often. The stories are candid, honest, surprising and unexpected. They show a side of prostitution, that should be seen. Prostitution is covered with taboo, but -and perhaps also therefore- is very mysterious. This is why the writers of this book show you a little bit more. Because these women "of lichte zeden" in The Netherlands deserve a spot in the spotlights.

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