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Vacature via Ginny about recruitment for high class escort

Online magazine Vacature via Ginny published an article on November 8th on the recruitment process for working as an high class escort at our luxury Dutch escortservice Society Service. The original article can be found here but you can also read a translation of the article below.

Each month I receive between 500 and 1000 applications from women

Remarkable professions, there are plenty. The upcoming period we will search for the most diverse professions that you would like to learn a bit more about. This time we spoke to Marike, owner of  high class escortservice ‘Society Service’. She told us how it all got started, the strange things she experiences and how people around her respond to her profession.

How did you ever get into this job?
I founded this company when I was 21 and still a student, together with an other person who had the idea. I was studying Business Administration and didn't know what to do with my life. Then I thought: why not? So we started this escortservice together, but a few years later I did a buy out because our visions where to diverse. I proceeded alone and Society Service grew into a million euro company in eleven years.

Was it a gap in the market at that time?
No, not really. This industry is as old as mankind. It has always been there and always will be there. So in that perspective, there's nothing new about it. What was however new, was the fact that two university students found an escortservice. That's not what people expect. It was a great combination and we had special ideas, such as the Virgin Experience (a service for men who want to loose their virginity). Because I am open to new ideas, the service is different. The company also confirms that the common beliefs that people have about this industry, are false. 

What do people often think then?
They think the women I work with are damaged, who see one client after another, have to undress after ten minutes and that it's just about sex. That's not the case with me. It's not the focus of a booking. The focus is a fun date, with intimacy. The alter can be different things. For some it's an evening at the theater and for others it's an evening of eroticism, complete with whips. When people just want sex, they do not end up with my escortservice.

How do people respond when you tell them what kind of job you have?
To my face, usually nice. When meeting new people, I don't always share my profession. I do not want to use it to provoke people. When I'm at the dentist and he asks me how things are going, I of course don't share it. But also when I'm out in a bar I don't talk about it. Otherwise I'll spend the rest of my evening talking about my work.

Have you ever had nasty comments?
Yes, especially with other organizations. For example, when I go to my bank and they know what kind of work I do, they'll let me wait endlessly. Sometimes I am not even helped at all. In addition, every month I am send a bible in my PO box. And emails saying things like: 'you are going to hell, what you are doing is terribly'. It doesn't keep me up at night. I do not need approval from others.

As an owner, do you deal with the ladies yourself?
Certainly. That's very important to me. In the past, my ambition was to get bigger and bigger. Now my ambition is to have more fun at my work. I think it's of essential importance to get to know the escorts as well as possible, this enables me to make a better match between clients and escorts.

What's the weirdest think you ever experienced?
Obviously, you deal with very special sexual preferences. For example, when a client wants to wear the lingerie of the escort. Also very special are the training courses. We provide trainings to the escorts and they are very amusing. This can for example be bondage-for-beginners. To have twenty escorts ready with a rope in their hands is very funny.

What's a day like for the owner of a high end escort service?
I start my day by working out and always have a few appointments here and there. For example photoshoots, and setting up bookings and travel itinerary. I am a Jack of all trades, which is what makes it so much fun. I often arrange the bookings myself. I do not want clients to talk to several receptionists on the phone, that's indiscrete because they need to provide their personal details.

How do you find your employees?
It is not allowed to actively recruit for escorts, that is seen as incitement to prostitution, which is illegal. The ladies have to apply on the website. That's between five hundred and a thousand women each month, of which one or two are hired.

What are the requirements?
She must be 21 or older, do this voluntarily and legally able to do so. I only work with Dutch ladies, because some nationalities are not allowed to work as an escort. In addition she must be beautiful, intelligent, be a non smoker, have no tattoos and be fluent in English. Appearance is step one, but if you're aside from beautiful also rather trashy, it's a no go.

What's the most fun thing you've experienced in the past 11 years?
I sometimes receive emails from clients who where very happy with the arrangements I had made for them. How it makes them feel happy with life. That makes me happy. Or when I receive Christmas cards for example.

So your service is somewhat of a psychological service?
I think many clients are better off using the services of our escortservice, than those of a psychiatrist. The core of a high class escortservice remains the ‘girlfriend experience’. This means the escort will treat the client like she would her lover or boyfriend. This includes profound conversations.