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TLC about working as an high class escort

On February 14th, 22.00 the Dutch TLC channel broadcasted the show "Linda Discovers... Sex and escorts". In the show, presenter Linda Hakeboom will discover what it's like to work as an high class escort. She applies at Society Service and talks to Marike, owner of Society Service. Linda is hired. To guide her through this exciting adventure, Linda is matched to experienced escort Robin, who teaches her a little bit more. They will go on a real booking together. Because it's clear Linda is a journalist, we've searched for a client who would also find this extra fun and exciting. And such a client is found. On February 14th, 22.00 you could watch the show and see how the adventure unwraps.

Some previews can be found here (in Dutch):

Magazine Viva published an article about the upcoming show. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.


Glamour, money, sex, but also taboos and secrets; the world of high class escort is one we would love to know more about. Journalist Linda Hakeboom (29) made a documentary about it. And yes, she also went on a booking.

The taxi ride to the cocktailbar might have been my longest one ever. I am wearing a black dress, stockings and way too high heels. For one evening I will be an high class escort and I am very nervous. I pinch Robin, the escort who's with me on the date, in her hand. "You'll help me tonight right?" She smiles. "It's not that scary, you'll see it's going to be easy." When we meet our client I immediately feel the pressure; tonight must be fun, I am being paid for my company, and put a big smile on my face.

For my new show "Linda discovers..." on TLC, I've been involved with high class escort for the past few months. My eventual goal was to go on an actual booking, but now I'm here, I'm rather nervous. The world of high class escort has always intrigued me. The red light district is out in the open, but high class escorts date as discrete as possible, at day to day locations. Everybody will see them every now and then, but not recognize them as such. Like Nicolette, a part time model and escort who meets rich businessmen for an adventure every now and then. She tells me about her upcoming international booking. She describes sex as the easiest part of the booking, where she can be herself. The rest of the time she feels like she needs to be the perfect girlfriend, which is exhausting. 

It makes me wonder. Could I do this? Put on such an act? A few months ago I applied at the largest high class escort service of The Netherlands; Society Service. Slightly nervous I introduced myself to owner Marike. She kindly looked at me from head to toe and found me to be suitable to work as an escort. It was the weirdest job interview ever. 

Marike placed pictures of me in lingerie on her website. I was introduced to her regular clientele as a double date, meaning I would go on a booking together with an other escort. This way I could leave at any time and Robin, my partner in crime, could finish the job. Marike didn't hide the fact that I'm a journalist and would ask questions, but did need to promise not to film the client. The requests came in and before I knew it, a booking was set up with a rich and young man. The booking would be eight hours, that is, if the client would not extend the booking. The client had a whole sightseeing trip set up; cocktailbar, michelin star restaurant, sushi restaurant... and the hotelroom in Rotterdam. I didn't know what to think of it but told my self; how special is it that I can go on an actual booking, with an actual client and experienced escort?

While having dinner, I ask the client some questions, for example what brought him to do this. He tells me he likes the attention and the fact that it's no strings attached. I started feeling genuine affection for the cliënt but now reality hits me. I want him to be genuinely interested in me as a person. Before starting this documentary I thought of myself as a pretty good seductress, capable of having one night stands. I suspected I could do this kind of work. But the difference is that with a one night stand I pick the man. With this job, you need to be with men you might not select in day to day life. Let alone leave with him to a hotel room. Robin is very sensitive to the shift in my feelings and tells me she thinks the client really likes me, which the client confirmed. But my head is a whirlwind. What am I doing? 

6 Escort Musthaves

- Be able to carry on a decent conversation. The men are often rich business men who don't like women that don't know about the existence of a conflict in the Middle-Eastern, or think that Pinot Noir is a character from sesame street.

- Offer the Girlfriend Experience. In short; you need to make the man feel like he's out with his girlfriend. Ideal girlfriend. So, ask him about his interests, keep on smiling, and everything is funny. And of course he is the most interesting and handsome man in the whole wide world.

- Be stylish. The men who take you out don't want their business partners or doorman to know about him paying for your company. So a black dress up to the knee, no stripperheels and always black stockings. 

- Size zero is not ideal. The girls who are booked most often wear a normal dress size but more curvy girls are also requested often.

- Separate love and sex. You need to be able to seduce a man that you didn't pick. And you can't be offended for getting paid for it. So super feminists; don't even try.

- Don't be afraid to say no. You need to estimate how far you want to go sexually. If you don't know this in advance, chances are you'll regret doing certain things afterwards.

Veronica Magazine also published an article about the upcoming show. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.


Documentary maker enters the world of high class escorts.

Student by day, secret high class escort by evening. How exciting is this double life? Documentary maker Linda Hakeboom (29) interviewed callgirls and went out for an evening with a rich businessman. 

"They are usually between 25 and 30, beautiful, conservatively dressed in black with stockings and high heels." This is how Linda would describe the typical girl that she has gotten to know. "And they are much younger then the men they go out with." You can often spot them in restaurants where normal couples can also be found. "But if you look closely, you can tell something is different.". For her docu "Linda Discovers... Sex and Escorts" she interviewed women who combine their normal life with the excitement of sex, glamour and money. Who are these women, why do they do this and how addictive is this double life?

The world of expensive prostitutes leaves a lot to the imagination. The wildest stories are told. Starting rate: 700 euro plus extra's and a luxury lifestyle. According to Linda most of the escorts do this work for the adventure. "I think it's such an adventure that it's kind of addictive. What if you can experience something every week that you would never get to do in your normal life, that's such a rush." 

And how about the clients? They are far from sad guys not able to find a girlfriend. Usually they are rich expats who spent most of their time traveling and are alone in their hotels in the evenings and with little time to find a girlfriend. Eventually it's about one thing only: The Girlfriend Experience. "A man like that isn't looking for a quicky, but wants a girl that provides real companionship, with who he can go out for dinner or an other event. He doesn't book a prostitute, he books a girlfriend. They are well mannered gentlemen who like to court you, take you to the best places in the world, it's like a fairytale, like Pretty Woman!".

But what if you need to have sex with a men who you do not find attractive at all? "That happens rather often, but it doesn't seem to be the least fun part of this kind of work. The escorts tell me sex is the least difficult because the sex comes natural and isn't such an act as being the ideal girlfriend. I thought if I wanted to do this documentary, I should experience what it was really like for myself. I applied for a job at escortservice Society Service, bought sexy lingerie, did a photoshoot and was booked for eight hours by a rich young businessman."

Telegraaf Newspaper also published an article about the upcoming show. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.


Famous Dutch lady Linda Hakeboom is known for her many special documentaries. Her documentary "Linda discovers... sex and escorts" turned out to be very special as well. "I first thought about this subject when having dinner in a luxurious restaurant where I observed an other couple. It looked like a first date. She was a beautiful young lady who was making a real effort to please him. The thought daunted on me that she might have been booked. And yes, after dinner they went up to the hotelroom together." 

What's it like to be booked by a rich but unknown man? Who are these women, she do they do this and what is this double life like? Being an high class escort is nothing like working at the red light district. "Escorts are usually Dutch ladies, educated, who do this in addition to their studies for the kick of it. With some luck they are booked for an international booking." But it's not easy. "A booking is usually eight hours or more, during which the client will get the Girlfriend Experience. They will have an elaborate dinner at a fancy restaurant, a cocktailbar and then back to the hotel. Some women told me the sex is the least difficult part of the booking. It's mostly difficult to be the perfect woman all the time. Everything your client tells you is interesting, you should laugh at his every joke and it's all about him and not you. Personal trouble are left at home and you can't be a little grumpy."

To get as close as possible to the world of high class escort, Linda applied at the renown Dutch high class escort service Society Service. She could leave her sexy dresses at home. "You shouldn't look like you're being paid. Not too much make-up, conservative clothing, little jewelry and expensive lingerie." Linda joined a client who booked her and a more experienced escort. "No dirty old man but a rich ICT guy in his thirties, so far so good. But my jaws did hurt after a few hours from smiling. It was like going on a first date."

Local newspapers of De Persdienst also published an article about the upcoming show. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.


Shopping for luxurious lingerie, a sexy photo shoot and off we go. In TLC show "Linda Ontdekt... sex and escorts", journalist Linda Hakeboom enters the world of high class escort. 

If she's open to eroticism with a woman and more naughty requests such as S&M and anal sex. Already during her first interview at Society Service, Linda needs to overcome her embarrassment. Those are the type of things you discuss with your best friends right? For her documentary, Linda will literally discover what it's like to make yourself available to a rich businesswoman. Owner Marike of Society Service finds Linda very suitable due to her looks and age. "At that age you're at your most beautiful and more intellectually developed then a 21 year old gil." So Linda's unrecognizable pictures and description, including that she's a journalist, are placed on the website. "Many applications followed, they men liked that I was famous from television."

Linda entered this adventure with some clear set boundaries and met with a psychologist beforehand to discuss the risks. She warmed me for the prejudices. If you do this, some people will see you as less and cheap for the rest of your life, despite the luxurious image of high class escorts. The taboo is huge. "It's often a side job for educated ladies who like the excitement and the money. A week in New York or Las Vegas, first class flights, fancy restaurants. Fun stuff when you're young." Little problem: you can't tell anybody. "There you are with your expensive designer bag. When you show your friends they'll start asking questions". Almost all girls Linda spoke to lead a double life. "They don't tell anybody. So when something fantastic happens at work, they can't tell anybody." This wasn't the only surprise. "I thought having sex with a strange person would be the most difficult part, but the most difficult part is being the perfect woman during the entire booking. You can't be grumpy, everything is fantastic." During her booking, Linda's checks were in pain from smiling. "That's what you're being paid for, to give him the time of his life."

Linda hopes her film contributes to a little bit more understanding for the escort industry. "I met ladies who do this completely out of free will. It would be good for them if they could talk about it a bit more. For there to be less stigma attached."