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Platform ELFIN about being financially independent through sex work

On October 1st the new online platform "This is ELFIN" published an article about being financially independent through sex work. Formerly known as "Fire for Women", ELFIN helps women understand all aspects of money so they can confidently manage their personal finances, investments and income. This time they interviewed a high class escort from Society Service, who is financially independent due to her income from our escort service. You can read the original Dutch article here and find an English translation below.

“My knowledge of people has become much greater because of my job as an escort”

Women with an unusual profession who therefore ensure that they are financially independent. Working as a pilot, escort or researcher in clinical chemistry. What drives them, how do they handle money and what feeling does financial independence give these women? This time ELFIN interviews Lola from escortservice Society Service from Amsterdam.

Name: Lola

Age: 25 years

City: Amsterdam

Relationship: Single

Income: €5000,- per month

Fixed charges: €900,- per month

Savings: €30.000,-

“My last relationship was quite long, but we didn't have sex often. For me, the desire was there, but it was not mutual. The moment I dived into the dating life I found out that I people liked me quit a lot. I experimented with threesomes, for example I was the third person with a couple. A friend of mine introduced me to the escort industry and helped me take the plunge. My escort work has to remain special, so I do it only once or at most twice a week. I want it to feel like an evening out for me too. I take the time to get ready while listening to some music. I take a nice shower, choose what to wear and pack what I need. Candles, a music box, some oil. At such a moment I transform myself into Lola. I also always read up on a client. Do they prefer a BDSM experience or should I just bring a few more sets of luxury lingerie? This gives me an idea of ​​who my client is. There is always something that positively surprises me, which makes me feel attracted to a person and having sex is always pleasurable for me too.”

“With a booking of three hours the client is charged 1000 euros, but then of course tax still needs to be deducted. I myself am left with 300 to 400 euros. Together with my freelance job in social media, this provides a nice income. I don't have to worry about money. My work as a freelancer helps me disguise my escort work to friends and family. My sister and two friends are aware of what I do, nobody else. I'm careful about spending money so it doesn't stand out too much. If I go out for a wellness and spa day with a girlfriend, I just say that I think it is quite expensive and I come up with an idea of ​​how it can be done cheaper. That is of course not necessary. I like to treat people to things who know about my work. It feels nice not to have to worry about money, it gives me the freedom to do what I want. I just quit my regular job, all those hours behind the laptop really felt like work and that is never the case with my work as a freelancer and escort.”

“My greatest earnings in one booking ever was going to Rome for 48 hours. It was a duo booking so I went there with another escort. We got on the plane together, which of course was fun right away. After tax I earned 3000 euros on this trip, which is not bad for a very nice weekend. I like doing those duo bookings, because you have to improvise together and respond to each other. I take on a different role and I find that a challenge. With such a booking you also get inspiration from each other. When a client ultimately enjoys such an experience, I am satisfied.”

“It gives me a good feeling that I am financially independent. For me this is freedom. My parents never had a lot of money and I was raised quite frugally and consciously. Even though I didn't notice this that much, because I never got the idea that there was a shortage and we did go on holiday each year. I am glad that my parents gave me this awareness thought, but I secretly disliked being very frugal. I'm not a gold digger, because happiness is really much more important. But money can support a happier life. The money I earn now I spend on my trip around the world. I'm going for half a year and my budget is about 10,000 euros, so I already have more than enough. When I come back I want to earn a starting capital for my own company with my escort work.”

“In my profession I meet people who are generally well off, because you have to be able to afford the high rates to see me. From them I learn how life works. We usually talk for an hour first, so I discover what their way of thinking is. Not only do I take that knowledge home with me, but I also discover what I like sexually. It's good to know what you like and what you don't. One time it never went any further than talking, the client did not proceed to actual sex. Being a high class escort is really a different segment, but usually it comes down to sex of course. That's no problem for me. I especially like that I don't have to have a completely full schedule, but really only do work that I like.”