This is ELFIN 2021

Platform ELFIN about being financially independent by working as an escort

On October 27th the new online platform "This is ELFIN" published a second article about being financially independent by working as an escort. Formerly known as "Fire for Women", ELFIN helps women understand all aspects of money so they can confidently manage their personal finances, investments and income. This second time they interviewed a high class escort from Society Service, who is financially independent due to her income from our escort service. You can read the original Dutch article here and find an English translation below.

“I hope the stigma surrounding sex work disappears”

Women with an unusual profession who therefore ensure that they are financially independent. Working as a pilot, escort or researcher in clinical chemistry. What drives them, how do they handle money and what feeling does financial independence give these women? This time ELFIN interviews Eva from escortservice Society Service from Amsterdam.

Name: Eva

Age: 24 years

City: Amsterdam

Relationship: Single since a year

Studies: Psychology

Income: on average €4000,- per month for internship and working as an escort

Savings: €60.000,-

Largest expense ever: a car costing €8000,-

“I remember my first booking so well. I had a late lecture and was still in bed. The request came in at 10 a.m. It was in Utrecht, from 19:00 to 22:00 and I was very nervous. It took me two hours to prepare for the booking. The client was already waiting for me in the hallway and I got the impression that he was more nervous than I was. It was fun and exciting, worth the nerves. It feels the same to me as going on a private date, but prepared down to the last detail.”

“The moment I heard that I could start working at Society Service, I was parked at the bakery. I was so happy, I did a little dance for joy. I think they looked up at the bakery counter for a moment. Society Service owner Marike receives hundreds of requests a month, so I didn't think I would be hired. It is an application process that takes months. But I kept getting further in the process. It felt like a confirmation to myself that I was not the only one to see what I have in me.”

“It was Dutch television show about working as an escort that got me interested. I started googling, reading and came across an interview with a girl who works for Marike. I've always been active sexually and this was a way to explore that even more. Sex with guys my age was boring to me, my interest was in older men. Only those often wanted more certainty, a house with white picket fence and a dog and I did not want that yet for a while. I was 22 years old, enjoying my days as a student and wanted to be free. Working as an escort was the solution.”

“At first I was still living in a dorm room, but this job is easier when you live on your own. I would walk out the door with sweatpants over my escort clothes and had to think about where I was going. Because of my income as an escort I can now afford an apartment in Amsterdam. But also driving around in a car, saving half of my income and buying designer bags. I do notice that I always have excuses ready. For example, I often tell that something is not real or that I bought it on Vinted or from the large bonus I received.”

“Growing up, I learned to set aside half of my income. My parents thought saving was important, but you also had to be able to do fun things. You don't skip a party because you don't have any money. That's how I live, because I save half of my Society Service income. I already had 15,000 euros in my savings account, I saved another 45,000 euros with my escort work. I see friends who deliver pizzas for ten euros an hour and only have one euro left from their student loan at the end of the month, then I'm glad I have fewer worries. Money worries seem very unpleasant to me. I don't have a specific goal with my savings yet, although I would like to buy a house after I graduate. I like my job at Society Service so much that I would do it for half the money too. But of course not voluntarily, haha. At the end of the day it is still work. If I don't like the bookings anymore or I fall in love, I will stop working as an escort. I still like it way too much for now. I also hope that the stigma of doing sex work disappears.”

“My two best friends know that I work as an escort. They find my stories exciting to hear, but I don't romanticize them. Of course I tell about trips abroad, a handsome client or when I go out for dinner, but something is never 100 percent fun. Not this either, so I also tell them about the times when a client smelled from his mouth, I didn't feel a connection or when someone didn't respect my boundaries. It happens. I had a new client who took me out on a beach walk into the dunes and wanted to have sex in public. The atmosphere turned grim when I indicated that I would rather not. He asked me if I wanted to take off my clothes and show my breasts to people. Then he started a story about burying me. It is very important to set your boundaries. This was definitely my least pleasant experience.”

“The booking I made the most money from was with a couple. We met in Antwerp, drank coffee and went shopping on Schuttershofstraat. They liked it so much that they wanted to meet again. I click with them so well, it feels like a genuine friendship. Soon I will go on holiday with them to Ibiza. The best thing about my job is that people trust me, but I have to be careful that I don't act like a therapist with all kinds of psychological questions. I also have bookings with people who have a physical disability, that work is so incredibly rewarding. I think it's one of the best aspects of the job."