Telegraaf Vrouw 2020

Telegraaf Vrouw about Marike in the section "The Taboo"

On November 27, Telegraaf Vrouw published an article about Marike, owner of our high end escortservice, in the section "The Taboo". In this section people who have to deal with taboos have their say. Of course running a high class escort service should not be missing in this section. The article has been published both in the magazine and on the Telegraaf website. Read Telegraaf Vrouw's article on their website or view it below. An English translation is also provided.

Marike runs a high class escortservice

Marike van der Velden (36, in a relationship) has been running escort agency Society Service in Amsterdam for over fourteen years. She still has to deal with prejudices.

"During my study Business Administration I met a glamor model who wanted to start a high end escort agency. There were hardly any in the Netherlands. She was looking for someone who was good with numbers and it seemed interesting to me, so I started behind the scenes. After two years I bought her out and it became my company, my baby, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Not everyone understands that. It even cost me friendships. My father and mother were not exactly thrilled, but they are now proud of me as an entrepreneur. What my partner thinks of my profession? He doesn't care, and why; I don't condemn his work at the bank, do I?

Unfortunately, I often have to justify myself for working in the escort business. In the Netherlands we think we are free-spirited, but I notice the aversion every day. I receive hate mails, threats that I am going to hell and sometimes they send a Bible to get me 'on the right path'. Ten years ago I would lose sleep over that, but not anymore. Sex work has to do with prejudices and misconceptions. Because not all sex workers are forced and not all escorts live a glamorous life. A midweek Seychelles with a client is sometimes part of the job, but those are really the currants from the porridge.

On the one hand I am fed up with the prejudices, but on the other hand the taboo works in my favor. It makes it exciting and therefore lucrative. If booking an escort becomes just as normal as buying a loaf of bread, I can close my business!"