Vrouw Telegraaf 2020

Telegraaf Vrouw about our high end escortservice and the Corona virus

On March 15th 2020 Dutch newspaper Telegraaf Vrouw published an article about our high end escort service, which discusses how our company still remains active during the Corona or COVID-19 pandemic. Owner Marike is interviewed for the article. Earlier we wrote a blog about high end escort and the Corona virus. The Telegraaf Vrouw article was published in Dutch on their website. You can also view the article below as well as a translation of the article.

Marike: ’Our escorts will not stop shaking hands and other things...’

People and companies are burdened by the corona crisis. And while you might not expect it, the same goes for the sex industry. Marike van der Velden (36), founder of high end escort agency Society Service, explains this.

Marike started her escort agency with a fellow student when she was only 21 years old. After two years she bought out her business partner and now she runs the company herself. Marike is responsible for the administration, arranges travel documents, keeps the website up to date, arranges introductory meetings and photo shoots. There are currently forty escorts with whom she works.

Girlfriend Experience

"You wouldn't expect this, but the sex industry is also feeling the consequences of the virus. There is a lot of human contact and with specific escorts both the ladies and the clients travel a lot. You don't just go to an escort for sex. There you go for a real Girlfriend Experience.

You can take the ladies to a dinner, event, relaxing holiday or romantic evening in a hotel. Clients come from all over the world. Many flights are now canceled due to the virus. A client from the United States is not entering Europe now.

We also have an escort who would go to Geneva, but who is now doubting this. To date, 281 infections have been detected in Switzerland. Normally one in twenty bookings is canceled, the last month it was one in eight. For the coming period, one in five bookings have been canceled due to the corona virus.”

Taking measures

"We have taken measures to keep escorts and clients safe and healthy. I spoke to the health authorities about the approach that applies to sex workers. As long as the escorts and the clients do not show any symptoms of disease, they cannot infect anyone and we can assume that they have not contracted the virus.

We keep a close eye on the health of the escorts. As soon as one of the ladies starts to feel cold or flu, she is of course not allowed to work. What we have also decided is not to accept clients from risk areas or who have recently been there. That is too great a risk that we do not want to take.

We currently offer a more flexible cancellation policy out of understanding towards our clients. If they want to cancel the booking relatively last minute due to fear of the virus, they will temporarily no longer have to pay part of the amount. Normally this is the case, because the escorts make time for the appointments and therefore have to be paid before that time. We are not doing that for now. Clients cannot help that they cannot travel, so we are understanding.”

Shaking hands

"No worries for the clients, the escorts won't stop shaking hands (and other things ...) and get closer to them than a meter. It is otherwise difficult to offer an intimate experience like our escortservice does.”