Telegraaf krant

Telegraaf about students who work as high class escort

On july 15th 2015, daily newspaper Telegraaf published an article on university students who work as an high class escort. Laura, who works with Society Service, was interviewed for the article. The original article is in Dutch but you can find an English translation below.

Sex as a students job

Laura works as an escort to pay for her studies. In America it's already the most natural thing in the world; to pay for your studies with sex. Perhaps also a new trend in The Netherlands, with the upcoming abolition of scholarships. For student Laura (22) it's thé solution. During daytime she's in college, in the evening she works as high class escort at agency Society Service.

„Just like any other student, I need a job to pay for my studies at university. I've had many, from telemarketing to catering employee. But they all took up lots of time for just a few euro's an hour.”

This all changed when Laura became friends with fellow student Amber, about a year and a half ago. „When she told me she was working as an escort, I was intrigued. Not only do you make a lot of money in a short period, it's a fun way to meet interesting people. I eventually applied for myself.”

The first time Laura did a booking she was very nervous. „Like I was about to loose my virginity all over again! It was at the private residence of a gentleman, who informed me straight away he knew it was my first time. It all went very natural and didn't make me feel weird at all. At the end I walked out with a big smile and full wallet.”

By now, the work has become routine for Laura. „Some bookings are just a few hours of fun at a hotelroom, most are dinner dates. This is when you first get to know each other over dinner, before returning to the bedroom.”

The combination with her studies is ideal to Laura. „I can decide for myself when I am available. On average I do about two bookings a week but during busy periods, such as exam weeks, I take a break. This earns me around 50.000 euro a year, enough to pay for my studies and some luxury. And then I also have a lot of savings.”

That her special job might be a problem at a future job, is not a reason for Laura to quit. „My studies are in a technical direction and I want to find a job in this department as well. It is not unthinkable that my future employer will find out about my job. It is what it is. I am not doing anything illegal. And if it's a deal breaker to him or her, then it's just not the right employer for me!”