Telegraaf 2015

Telegraaf about the finances of running an high class escort service

On May 2nd newspaper Telegraaf published an article about high class escortservice Society Service and owner Marike who wrote the book Escort Bijbel. She talks about the financial side of running a luxury escort service. The original article is in Dutch but here you can find a translation in English.

Checking book: Hard work pays off

Marike van der Velden (31), runs escort agency Society Service.

"I am not an ordinary duck in this column, hahaha. I've been running Society Service, an escort agency, for ten years now. I've made some money and have therefore managed to pay off my home. Rent or mortgage are therefore not applicable on me. Almost all that I do can be deductible as a business expense. I do not have many fixed costs, aside from the usually health insurance, water and electricity and municipal taxes. Business wise I keep track of my income and expenses, but privately that's not really necessary. As an entrepreneur you are obligated to pay yourself a certain salary but I like to keep that as low as possible. Otherwise I just end up paying more taxes, so I prefer to keep my money in my company for when I want to retire.

I am not that much into luxury anymore. I used to shop a lot more and buy for example expensive bags. But now I invested my money in a book. Publishing the Escort Bijbel costed me a lot but made me much happier than another pair of shoes! I work hard and it pays off. Since I did a buyout of my business partner, my company has just been doing better and better. I spent about a third of the year abroad. My partner lives abroad and we like to travel. That's what I spend my money on." 

Looks like Marike is doing well. She works hard for her money but she can also make her money work for her.