about students working as an high class escort published an online article about Dutch student Iris, who works as an high class escort at Society Service. The complete article can be found here. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a short summary in English.


Iris (25) started working as an escort at Society Service two years ago. A unusual job for a student, but her way to pay for her master business administration. It was and is a job she enjoys, because after graduating she didn't quit.

Why start this job?
"I was looking for a nice job to pay for my studies. I truly enjoy this work and even after graduated continued working as an escort, combining it with my fulltime job."

What exactly does it entail to work as an escort?
"I offer company to men, women and couples. It often includes eroticism but is not the most important thing. I am the ideal girlfriend during a booking; charming and elegant company. We have something to eat and drink and get to know each other. Some clients enjoy going out together, shopping, sauna or a weekend break. And yes, we also make love. I do with a cliënt what I enjoy with a boyfriend. We kiss, practice long foreplay and have sex."

Is it hard work?
"No, usually not. When there's a connection with my cliënt, time flies and all comes very natural. It's a little bit more difficult when I don't have a connection but I've never had a booking that was no fun at all."

You started this job during your studies, did you live a luxurious life?
"I paid for my studies without any debt, bought an apartment and never worried about paying the bills. That's really nice but due to the choices I made I did not lead a luxury life. In stead of a closed filled with designer clothing I bought an apartment."

Is it easy to combine this work with your studies?
"Classes at university are usually not obligated so after working the night before I would often skip morning classes and could do international bookings. But as an high class escort you don't have a booking every day but twice a week only and not at all during my exams. The amount of hours you actually work are far less then the average student, so you have more time to devote to your studies."

What's your most fun experience?
"There's a client with whom I have an amazing connection. We don't do anything special in particular. Go out fir dinner and make love but it's just a great time. The best experiences don't always include luxurious trips to New York and receiving expensive jewelry, at least not for me. For me the fun starts when I'm putting on my lingerie and get pretty for my client."

Where you ever in doubt about this kind of work?
"Yes, about the consequences for my future. My condition was that I'ld be able to hide this from my environment and future employers. In addition I would like to guard my personal boundaries. I wanted a genuine connection with a person before having sex. The rates at an high class escortservice are high enough to almost never meet a client who wants nothing more then just sex. If that's all they wanted, they would find a cheaper alternative. Clients too want a certain atmosphere and buildup to a special experience for both."

Who know about this work?
"My close friends all know and it's no big deal. They are my friends because they like me and not what I do."

What kind of attitude is required for this work?
"A positive one. You need to be the type that sees something beautiful in every person, independent of looks. In addition you must be confident, make sure nobody crosses your boundaries and of course be feminine and enjoy sex."

How long will you be doing this?
"If it ever holds me back, in for example a relationship, I would quit. But that's not the situation right now. I enjoy my work and see no reason to stop."