Society Service in 2007

Press on Society Service and the Virgin Experience in 2007

High class escortservice Society Service appeared in many publications in 2007, mostly due to the introduction of The Virgin Experience.

23 February: Television interview op station Veronica "Christine Live" (Christine Live)

1 March: Publication in magazine Cosmopolitan "Wij runnen een escortservice" (We run an escortservice)

19 April: Publication in newspaper Telegraaf "De Ontknaapservice; gat in de markt" (The Virgin Experience; what a discovery!)

19 April: Television interview on station MTV "De Ontknaapservice" (The Virgin Experience)

20 April: Publication in newspaper Het Parool "De Ontknaapservice" (The Virgin Experience)

20 April: Television interview op station VARA "De Wereld Draait Door" (Name)

27 April: Publication in magazine Intermediair "De Ontknaapservice" (The Virgin Experience)

30 April: Publication in magazine Che "De Ontknaapservice" (The Virgin Experience)

1 Juni: Publication in newspaper NRC Next Guide "Gelukkig op je werk in 36 stappen" (Happy at work in 36 steps)

6 Juni: Publication in newspaper UK Metro "How to be a sexcess"

27 Juni: Publication in magazine Vriendin "Mannelijke maagden krijgen les in de liefde" (Male virgins get sexlessons)

5 Juli: Television interview op station MTV "Dagrand" (Name)

1 Augustus: Publication magazine Rits! "Mooiste, slimste en lekkerste studentes te boeken bij Society Service in Rotterdam" (The most beautiful, smart and hot students available at Society Service in Rotterdam)

16 December: Publication in magazine Yes "Meisje van de nacht; undercover als escortgirl" (Lady of the night; undercover as a callgirl)

31 December: Publication in newspaper Metro Rotterdam "De wensen van bekende Rotterdammers voor 2008" (Wishes for 2008 by famous persons from Rotterdam)

And several radio interviews.