RUS Magazine

Rus Magazine about Society Service and the Interact Service

Rus Magazine published an article in february of 2011 about sex for persons with a physical disability or handicap. Society Service's Interact Service was discussed.

This article was written in Russian. A summary of the translation is:

Marike, owner of luxury escortservice Society Service, has founded a special package for clients with a disability; the Interact Service. For these packages, her escorts are offered special courses. In this interview, Marike tells us more about the Interact Service. 

- RUS: Marike, how did you get the idea to organize an escort service for the disabled?

- SS: Actually, the ladies themselves were the initiators. Our services are designed for people with higher incomes, including people with disabilities. The escorts were often uncertain how to deal with them. So often they came to me with their questions. At first the idea was to consult a sex therapist for advice. But it turned out we had to do something more. Therefore we decided to focus on a special service with trained escorts, the Interact Service. Of course, our normal service is also available for this group of client. But the difference is that for people with physical disabilities we offer a special package by escorts trained to handle the possible extra challenges. Moreover, the girls themselves find it fun and they are willing to work with people with physical limitations.

- RUS: What does "trained escorts" mean? All girls are required to take courses and work with people with disabilities?

- SS: No, every escort has her own preferences, despite the high pay. There are some escorts who complete the courses, we even have an escort who speaks sign language. Every month I try to do something with the escorts, we invite an sexologists, teach etiquette, erotic massage and more. But all this at our own expense. This is our own initiative, in order to offer a better services to out clients.

- RUS: And yet your rates are so high?

- SS: We are a commercial company, with the goal to make profits. In the Netherlands are enough alternative foundations that offer a sexual service to persons with disabilities at a minimal price. We focus on a different segment of the market - the upper segment. And that's not just people with disabilities. Besides, if you compare our normal rates with a special package for people with disabilities, you can see for yourself that such rates are slightly lower. Again - our service is a luxury service. And regardless of their physical condition, individuals who receive social benefits, are unable to pay for our services.

- RUS: Marike, what do you think is the motivation that escorts also enjoy visiting clients with disabilities? Money?

- SS: Well, all people work because they get paid for it. So yes, money is important. But it's not just about money. The ladies themselves have chosen for this work, it fits into their lifestyle, they find it challenging and exciting, and more. Our escorts consciously choose to work as an high class escort and know what to do and what they can expect. And regarding the choice to work with clients with disabilities: everyone does what she likes. It's a matter of taste. Some have people disabilities in the family and find it quite normal, others find it fun and do it out of curiosity, or find it a rewarding job. In short, everyone has their own reason, a personal reason to do so.

- RUS: There are rumors that disabled people can pay for (your) sexual services through social benefits. Is this really the case? And what is your opinion on this issue - should these services be reimbursed by the state?

- SS: As I said, our company focuses on people with higher incomes. Disabled or not, all my clients are able to spend at least 1000 euro's for an evening with one of our escorts. For people who receive benefits, there are many other alternatives for 80-150 euros per hour. I am often asked whether it is possible to tailor our services to be paid with money from the social benefits. These benefits are however far to limited to pay for our services. Of course, I think everyone is entitled to a sex life and I have nothing against the fact that people with disabilities will impose certain fees received from the state. For all, social benefits are intended to provide people with basic necessities such as shelter, food and clothes. Sex can be considered a basic requirement. But everything within reason. I do not think our service, a luxury service, should not be paid by any kind of social benefits or the state. For a persons basic needs no luxury service is required. In my opinion the less expensive alternatives provide a comfortable service for those depending on social benefits alone. 

- RUS: Are there certain limits and illnesses why customers will not be accepted?

- SS: We do not work with clients with mental disorders, mental disabilities and of course with infectious diseases that are potentially dangerous for our escorts. The minimum age, and therefore also the minimum "intelligence", for all our clients is 21.

RUS: One last question. Marike what you think: Are the Dutch, where almost anything is possible, open to talk about the sex lives of people, and also about the sex lives of disabled people?

SS: No, I do not think so. We are no different than our European neighbors, with one exception that in the Netherlands escort services are legal. But it is still a taboo in Dutch society to openly discuss the sex lives of disabled people.