RTL Late Night

RTL Late Night about working as an high class escort and the Escort Bijbel

On March 18th, 23.00 the Dutch channel RTL broadcasted the show RTL Late night, including an item on high class escort. The topic was the new Dutch television show "Diary of a callgirl". Marike, owner and founder of Society Service, and high class escort Aria where asked to join the show to present their view of the new show, answer questions about the world of high class escort and talk about the book Escort Bijbel. Watch the show here (in Dutch):

As a result, the online version of Linda Magazine, published an article. The original article is in Dutch, a translation can be found below:


The new series "Diary of a callgirl" will soon be broadcasted on channel Net5. But what is it like to really work in this industry?

In addition to actress Sanne Langelaar, leading actress of the series, callgirl Aria and madam Marike where guests at RTL late night. When presenter Humberto Tan asked Aria why she choose this industry she tells us how she's always been fascinated with sensuality and sexuality. She wanted to develop herself in this area in a safe and controlled environment in stead of having a one night stand every saturday. What makes her job so satisfactory? It's the excitement. It's like going on a first date all the time, dressed to the nines, nice food and trips.

Of course Humberto asked the question we all want to know the answer to: what to do when you have a booking with a person that makes you think... Oh dear... No matter how many showers you take, this is not going to end well. Marike resolutely answered; in that case it's time to go home. Being unhygienic or showing no respect are reasons to decline the booking.