Reporters Online in 2018

Reporters Online about Marike who is the owner of an escort agency

On February 23rd, Reporters Online published an article on their website about Marike, who is the owner and founder of an escort agency. Reporters Online is a platform where independent journalists can publish their articles. The original article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.

Marike van der Velden owns an escort agency

Marike van der Velden is founder and owner of high class escortagency Society Service. She offers a variety of services, such as dinner dates  the girlfriend experience, the pornstar experience, bisexual duo bookings  escort for couples, Virgin Experience and erotic massage.

‘I didn't know exactly what I wanted to do after graduating from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, where I studied Business Administration. I didn't want a nine-to-five job or working for a boss. I wanted to be an entrepreneur. But in what? At a party I met a lady who wanted to start an ecortservice and was looking for a business partner. A few days later we where registering our company at the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam. 

I call myself an entrepreneur in the relax-industry, or just an entrepreneur. Especially at parties, or with people I hardly know. I do not want to spend the entire evening talking about my work, and not everybody is that positive about the escort industry. It took my parents some getting used to it as well. They are proud of my success and my entrepreneurial skills but would have preferred I had chosen a different industry. Some of my friends love what I do. They can't want to tell everybody about my work, about me being a 'madam'. That's not how it feels to me. I compare myself to a travel agency: my most important task is making sure everybody is at the right place at the right time. In addition to that, I am busy with maintaining and updating the website, writing, publishing pictures, translating, adjusting. Running an escortservice is far less exiting than most people would think it is.

After a few years I proceeded with the company alone. I am rather opinionated and like to do things my way. I know exactly what I want and what I don't want. I have formulated a few basic values for myself, and I will not differ from those. I hold an anti drugs policy and drunk people are refused, as well as anybody who is rude. We do not accept bookings very late in the evening where the lady is expected to arrive in less than an hour. The idea behind all this, is that such requests almost never result in an enjoyable evening for the lady. In addition to that I only work with educated Dutch ladies of 21 years and older. Safety always comes first, so no unsafe sex. Of course, I only work with beautiful, classy women, preferably without piercings or tattoos.

The most important aspect about my work as a 'madam' is my relationship with the escorts. I want them to feel the freedom to tell me whatever they want. If an escort is not completely happy about her client or the booking, I take that very serious. Not all bookings are amazing, that's part of the deal. But when an escort does not feel happy about the booking, I will never send her to the same client again. The client in question can be refused from further bookings. This work is mostly about matchmaking. What does the client want? What type of man is he and what type of woman matches best with him? You can tell a lot from the way a man presents himself. If he can not be bothered to be polite towards me, then I can only assume he will behave the same way during a booking. If I hear a client insisted on sex without a condom, I will have a serious chat with him, because that is not okay. Or when he kept on asking for her real name and phone number, also a no-go. As a boss, I am strict and I can be very straight when necessary, but in the end this benefits the quality of my escort agency. To me, exclusivity means not everything is for sale.

I have learned a lot from this work. For example, how far a man will go to have sex with a beautiful woman! And how men and women have different views on intimacy. Many clients are married, but talk lovingly about their wife. Using an escortservice, has nothing to do with how much they love their wife to them. He is 'just' looking for some excitement and adventure. A booking with a high class escort is far less threatening to a marriage than an affair. I understand this reasoning.

The fun part about working as an escort is the game of masculinity versus femininity. During a booking, the cliënt turns into a perfect gentleman, holding the door, taking her out for dinner, threathre and more. He emphasizes her femininity, resulting in her being the perfect lady. This creates a beautiful game of seduction and eroticism, without emotional complications.

The only downside about my work is the insecurity regarding regulation in The Netherlands. Permits are always insecure, and without a permit, you are doing something illegal. There are always solutions, but let's keep it fun. If things get too complicated, I'll most likely do something else. Ideas enough for other entrepreneurial endeavors! Children? No, that's not my cup of tea...’