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Quote Magazine about high class escortservices

In January 2015, the Dutch monthly magazine Quote (Dutch version of Fortune) published an article on quality sex, including Society Service high class escortservice. Owner Marike was interviewed for the article about high class escortservice Society Service and the picture includes two models of the Escort Bijbel. The article was published in Dutch, a summary in English can be found here:

Society Service

Marike was a student Business Administration when getting into the business. "During my first internships I found out that working for a boss wasn't really my cup of tea. At university I met a model who know a lot of people in the business. We got to talk and decided to start an escortservice together. Of course I thought the business was intriguing but I most of all thought it would be fun entrepreneurship. I did have to put aside my own shame. My hart was bouncing when I told my parents".

This also goes for applicants. "We select of course on beauty, and yes blond, toned with curves is in high demand. But soon after follow a sense of style, healthy way of living and a certain intelligence. Applications with more than 5 typos are denied and applicants who do not arrive on time for the interview can go back home immediately. Don't forget that with this part of the industry, most bookings are dinner dates, or something like that. You can't just send a beautiful girl who isn't able to carry on a decent conversation. Chemistry is important. When there is no connection or build up, the sex will be disappointing."

Isn't that also a risk? When a cliënt falls in love with a cliënt? "No not really. Clients can fall in love. When a client wants to talk about videogames for an  hour, the escort will pretend that she finds it interesting, while most ladies on a date will loose interest. But after a few dates there is no more keeping up appearances." 

And how much money do the ladies make? "With two evenings a week they make around 50K per year, so you do the math. I can't complain for myself either. Society Service is the largest high class escortservice in The Netherlands and my turnover has fifteen folded since 2008, when I did a buyout of the cofounder."