Parool 2018

Parool about the Gigolo Service at our escortservice

On July 20th, news paper Parool published an article about our new Gigolo Service in their supplement "PS" and "Aldus". Parool newspaper is a prominent newspaper for Amsterdam and surroundings. Owner Marike of Society Service was interviewed for the article. The original article was published in Dutch but you can find a translation below.Eigenaresse Marike van Society Service is hiervoor geïnterviewd voor het artikel. Bekijk en lees het artikel hier.

Aldus: After more than twelve years, escort agency Society Service starts offering gigolos.

Founder Marike van der Velden (34) explains.

You have probably thought about offering male escorts before. Why now?

"We have always had female clients, but the demand for gigolos has never been as big as now. Perhaps because the stigma is reduced and women are more empowered."

Only 10 gigolos have been accepted from the 865 applicants. How do you select those?

"They are all nice guys and beautiful men, but very different. There is a young man in his early twenties who works as a model, but also a businessman of almost 50. They are men who can adapt and offer different types of women a fun time."

What are the biggest risks of the profession?

"People underestimate how stressful it can be to lie to your environment and that often happens. In addition, I think that if you are used to earning so much money at a young age, a normal nine-to-five job will soon be disappointing."

Are you honest with others about what you do?

"Everyone who knows me knows what I do. But there are also people who I do not tell because I do not want to provoke. In the pub for example."

I read in your press release something about highly educated single women who are tired of dating. Is that the target group?

"No, but it is striking that most of the demand comes from that side. There are apparently many women who are ambitious, independent and know what they want, but unable to find a partner. Men have been paying for sex for centuries, so why not women? Often it is not only about sex; they also go out for dinner or to the theater."