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Panorama Magazine about the Escort Bijbel

On November 5th, magazine Panorama published an article about the Escort Bijbel. Marike, founder and owner of Society Service high class escortservice was interviewed for the article in magazine Panorama. The article was published in Dutch but below you can find a summary in English.


She makes coffee in her office in Amsterdam and looks nothing like what you would expect of a madam. She's only 30 but has been the head of the most exclusive escortservice of The Netherlands; Society Service. Rates start at euro 700 for two hours. Discounts are possible through her royalty program, as Marike rewards returning clients and those offering her tips for her service and website. 

Marike studied Business Administration in Rotterdam and soon discovered that working for a boss was no fun. Together with a business partner she founded Society Service at 21 and did a buy out of her business partner 3 years later. "It doesn't matter if you sell cookies or escorts, the principles remain the same". A famous Dutch person wrote the foreword of her book, anonymous of course. "I am very discrete, clients are registered as a number and not by name." The escorts sign nondisclosure agreements and will not kiss and tell because they to want to keep it a secret that they are active as an escort. 

THE CLIENTS: According to research by RNS in 2006 one in five Dutch men has ever paid for sex. The average client of Society Service is 41 and usually active in higher management, advocacy or entrepreneur. 8% books at least once per year, 24% up to 3 times per year and 62% four to tien times. Per booking an average of euro 1370 is spent. Monday is the least popular day, friday, saturday and wednesday are most popular.

It appears as if an escort leads a life of luxury and glamour. Expensive dinners, luxurious hotels, exclusive gifts and designer clothing. After Marike appeared in a Dutch public broadcast on students working as an escort, the amount of applications ten folded. Doesn't it sound to good to be true? "It's not just about sex for money. The escorts are educated ladies and do this in addition to their day job or studies. At the end it's prostitution and sometimes it's an afternoon of erotic fun at a hotel. But okay, not all jobs are only fun. One in ten bookings is no fun, eight of ten are fun and one in ten are amazing. And all that for a salary of 50K annually with two evenings of work a week." 

Marike dislikes the prejudices about girls only working as an escort because they are damaged. "The focus seems to be on the darker sides of this profession. I do not want to be associated with this. The ladies who work with me make the conscious and happy choice to work as an escort. Some enjoy he excitement, others the money. She should be able to separate love from sex and focuses during a booking on the pleasure of the client. It's not just casual sex. An escort is an experienced mistress, who knows how to please and seduce a man, but can also carry an intelligent conversation over dinner. She's feminine and mature. Who can massage the client both intellectually and physically." Respect is very important, if the escort is treated with respect the client will get a lot in return. "Don't grope her the minute she walks in, invest in the connection, you've got at least two hours so relax. Don't you think that's more exciting as well?

THE GIRLS: The girls at Society Service are on average 26 years old. The youngest is 21, the oldest 45. Half of them are full time students, the rest holds a day job. All are fluent in Dutch and English, 90% wears dress size M with an average height and only 7% has had a breast enhancement. Most have long hair and 82% is caucasian. Tattoos and piercings are rare.