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Oh Magazine about the penis

On March 1st, 2018 Oh Magazine published an article on the opinion of experienced women on the penis. Two high class escort ladies of Society Service were interviewed. The talk about their experience with different penis types and what to them is the perfect penis. The (complete) original article was published in Dutch but an English translation can be found below.

Penismonologes: How we like to see it

It is a delicate and ever returning topic of conversation. Although, that much we - compared to most owners of them - do not talk about the penis. Oh asked eight experienced women to kiss and tell about the penis.

Marleen (22)
Work: Escort at Society Service (societyservice.com).
Relationship: Single, with a regular lover

"I do not enjoy very large and thick. About the size of a banana is my preference. When a person has a large penis, I'm not like: yes! But: okay, let's get a bigger condom. A large porn dick is too painful for me. I have also seen a very small penis. It looked a bit like a mandarin. I was not disappointed, but I did notice it. I paid extra attention the condom was not slipping off."

"In my private life I do pay more attention to the appearance of the penis. I have some demands: shaved, not too thick, not too thin, not too long, not too short, and hard. When I'm at work, I don't have these demands. Then, it's about him. My clients are always prepared for our meeting: freshly showered, dressed to the nines, cologne. And ready for action! I can be pleasantly surprised by a nice, not too large penis. And it's nice when the sex is great, but it's not about me."

Iris (24)
Work: Escort at Society Service (societyservice.com).
Relationship: Single

"I notice some clients apologize for their penis. They are insecure. Not so much about the size of their penis, but about their erection. For coming too fast, nor not soon enough. I appreciate when a client gives me a heads up, because if it takes very long, it makes me wonder: is this going in the right direction, is he enjoying himself? I prefer shaved. Everything: penis and balls. Not terrible when that's not the case, but it's more comfortable during a blowjob. And it feels more hygienic."

"When I have sex with a client, size does not matter. It's about the connection: when that's there, the sex is usually good. I do prefer a penis that has not been circumcised, it makes a handjob easier. Circumcised is a bit less sensitive. In private life, size does matter. In a relationship - I am not looking for a onenightstand - I want someone who can satisfy me sexually and who arouses me. My perfect penis is slightly larger, about 20 centimeters. I prefer it to be slightly thicker, like an zucchini. When he has a small magic wand, that would be a dealbreaker. Good sex is very important to me. An other possible bonus can be a curved penis. I almost never climax vaginally. I almost always need some clitoral stimulation. Except for one time: he had a curve in his penis, which hit my G-spot with each thrust. Very unique and very pleasant."