Oh Magazine 2016

Oh Magazine about escortservice for women

On September 8th 2016, erotic magazine Oh Magazine published an article on female escorts for bisexual and lesbian women. Owner Marike was interviewed about the Lesbian Experience. The original article was published in Dutch but an English translation can be found below.

Ladies with pleasure

It looks like a trend: hetero women who like to pay for sex with a person of the same sex. Specialized escort professionals gladly service this special part of the industry. Oh talked with the directors of three agencies.

Agency: Society Service
Founder: Marike (32, also author of Escort Bijbel)
Rates: From 700 euro for 2 hours

"At first it was mostly couples who booked an other lady," says Marike, who founded high class escortservice Society Service eleven years ago while studying business administration. "I don't think all of the sudden more women are curious for sex with an other woman, but I do think it's become more accepted to actually do something with this fantasy. Over the past few years I've noticed a strong raise in demand for this service. It's often women of 35 years and older, who have been wanting to do this for a while. But then discretely. Or it's a successful gay business woman who wants an exciting evening without hitting bars or going online to dating sites. I think it's really cool women are now taking charge and are saying: 'I am going to do this as a present from me to me, an experience to explore and develop myself.'

Women are different lovers than men. It's not so much about reaching an orgasm but more about the connection. This gives an other depth to sexuality. You can also learn from it. One of our ladies is very good at providing G-spot orgasms. Women who experience this for the first time don't know what's happening, they often tell me. Women are sexually more liberal then when I first started. I also notice this with the applications I receive: women with a partner who have had it with the swingers world but still want a certain excitement. Our ladies for ladies are bisexual and experienced. That's required. To focus on an other woman you need to be confident in terms of knowledge and skills. I can recommend it to every curious woman."