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NWS Net Zwolle about the Virgin Experience

On October 13th 2016, newspaper NWS Net Zwolle published an article about the Virgin Experience of Society Service. Our escortservice was not interviewed for this article, therefore some information is not completely representative for our Virgin Experience. The original publication was made in Dutch but a short translation can be found below.

Virgin Experience: a purchased deflowering

For men, the method for loosing their virginity, it can be questioned if it's a solution, or just raunchy. Nowadays there is a Virgin Experience, for men who have not had sex for the first time. The Virgin Experience has been around for a while. It's been a possibility in the escort business since 2007. A man first creates a profile. After that he selects a lady. The main difference with a regular escortservice and the Virgin Experience, is that ladies at the Virgin Experience are genuinely - after intensive training - interested in the man in question. At this service it's about the experience of the man, so he gains confidence. It's not about the act itself, which is of course their motivation to book the service, but also about the path that leads to having sex. If it was just about having sex, other impatient escorts could not deal with the nervousness of the man. This can create an uncomfortable situation for something that's a 'big deal' to him. 

Men can use the services of the Virgin Experience from 21 years old. "If I would still be a virgin at 28, it would perhaps use this escortservice", says Jorie (18). Sexologist Yuri Olrichs explains: "The Virgin Experience is not a bad idea. I will never tell you what's the best way. I just think part of the charm is discovering sexuality together." Men who have never had sex can feel pressure to perform with a more experienced escort, while it's just their first time. Especially men working in IT are booking this service. These men are often behind their computers and therefore less experienced in interacting with others. They try to approach women, but since they are not that socially skilled, they are often afraid. By not making contact with women often, they only get more scared. "By actually having sex their confidence can be boosted. This will increase their chances of approaching women and getting into a relationship", concludes Ohlrichs. (RS)