2019 about the salary of a high class escort

On June 11th, published an interview with a high class escort from Society Service in the regular section "How much money do they make". The high class escort and a roofer compare their income and how they see their future in the article. The original article was published in Dutch but an English translation can be found below.

How much money... do a roofer and an escort make?

You don't talk about money. Our salary slip is a taboo subject. While we would love to know: how much money are they making every month? That is why just asks. With this week: the roofer and the high class escort.

Let's get introduced

Gwen (23, Amsterdam, not her real name) has been a high class escort at Society Service for a year and a half. She has one or two dates a week, which last around five hours on average. She is also a fifth-year student of medicine. She is considering specializing in neurology.

Ed van der Want (51, Rotterdam) has been a roofer for the same employer for 33 years. He works forty hours a week. He does some extra work on weekends and last year he was sick at home for six months.

Thank you for participating! How much money do you earn?

G: "With a short booking, such as a five-hour dinner date where we have some drinks and a nice dinner together to get to know each other and then go to a private place, I earn about 600 euros. But a weekend away can be around 3.000 euros. On average I earn around 3.500 euros a month."

EW: "Well! That's not bad. And you can easily make more. My gross salary last year was 35,756 euros. Every four weeks I make a little below 2,000 euros net. My wage is higher than my that of my younger colleagues; I am still at the salary level of the 1980s. How did you actually get into this type of work, Gwen?"

G: "The first time I heard about it, was when I read an interview with a high class escort girl in LINDA Magazine. That made me very curious. I then read all about it and found the nerves to apply. By the way, not everyone is hired just like that."

Do you find your work difficult?

EW: "Yes. Normally I suggest people to swap jobs for a few days so that someone can feel what it's like to work on a roof kneeling in terrible weather for eight hours. But Gwen, I hope you forgive me not to do that now, because I am happily married."

G: "Haha, no problem. I'm not lazy, but I don't think I would be any good at your work, Ed. I don't think my work is heavy at all, I enjoy it a lot. That's important with this profession, otherwise it can damage you. Someone who is doing it purely for the money will have a hard time. The most difficult thing that can happen to me is that I don't really have a great connection with the client."

EW: "Standing on a roof day in and day out, gave me skin cancer on my nose. Although all occupational physicians deny the connection to my work, I know better; the sun can be intense and there is zero shelter on roofs. I now have a new nostril, apply factor 50 every two hours and wear a UV protective cap with earflaps. Does it ever happen to you Gwen, that it hurts?"

G: "Many people think that my work is only about sex, but that is a misconception. So: no. Customers book an escort for a nice evening, a good conversation partner or intimacy. Of course, sex is an important aspect of my work, but it's much more than that. It's about human contact, and that's exactly what I like the most about my work."

Are you going to do this until you retire?

G: "It is perfect for me to do this work alongside my studies. But if I start specializing, I will probably stop. I just don't have the time anymore."

EW: "Until my retirement? That is physically impossible. I started this job at the age of nineteen, after I left the military service. When I see the difficulties my older colleagues have to deal with, I have a hard time believing that I'll be doing this job until I'm 67. I am aiming at 63."